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  1. I have the redmi five plus 64gig for £165 from Amazon and it's fine
  2. Left over mash n cabbage or bubble n sqeak bacon and pork chipolaters
  3. Bit boiled bacon spuds n cabbage luverly
  4. Nice t bone jerseys and Kentish cabbage
  5. Prawn jalfriesy with chapti luverly
  6. Captain's charity invitation day yesterday
  7. Nice piece of fillet steak for breakfast before captains day at my golf club gonna be 23 degrees lovleh Sent from my Redmi 5 Plus using Tapatalk
  8. check out carvin jones seen him a couple of times in London but he tours mostly in the states
  9. sounds like a right good day , take plenty of pictures mate
  10. I have eaten from the anstruther fish bar in fife the best fnc I have ever tasted
  11. Proper job cornish pastie jesrsy Royal potatoes and green beans n gravy simply lovleh
  12. See one on a highway with a red reflecter on its tail
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