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  1. nadia

    thai sims

    is it easy to get a thai sim card or should I get one at the airport or patts
  2. nadia

    Nose Hairs

    normally get rid of mine with one of those disposable safety razors and a thin pair of toe nail clippers to get the hard to reach ones , I have also seen the wax ones but don't know if you can buy them on ebay, amazon etc
  3. nadia

    9 carat gold

    yes mate kennys out now recently seen dining in Chislehurst
  4. Any body ever sold any 9 carat gold in Thailand
  5. The old man always said you gotta get the foundations in before drinking
  6. yes mate im the same
  7. The girls are off
  8. Go on you know you want to
  9. On me way now gaz
  10. any of you going to day I am going and meeting gaza there
  11. I have the redmi five plus 64gig for £165 from Amazon and it's fine
  12. Left over mash n cabbage or bubble n sqeak bacon and pork chipolaters
  13. Bit boiled bacon spuds n cabbage luverly
  14. Nice t bone jerseys and Kentish cabbage
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