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  1. Just came back from the Nudie beach leysdown Sent from my Redmi 5 Plus using Tapatalk
  2. nadia

    EVA fare refund

    I think eva still fly into london once a week with cargo though
  3. great job tom cant you do a story about you and all the other farang bars handing out food and drink etc and send it to the Bangkok post or other thai news stations
  4. no mate don't ring a bell, ill throw a few names of fellas that drank in caesers bar , lumpy russel. phil elliot (had the café ol'e soi6 ) ,doctor sam a thai golfer , diamond dave , Darrel white ,
  5. did you ever meet a bloke called barry Cassidy had a hotel called Fawlty towers in the pi he was a brit but a right horrible c**t
  6. I am sure they will be friends of fred on fb
  7. he might have been mate he died last year
  8. all worked for airwork mate in oman
  9. gonna throw a few names at ya now steve danny medd , john mcmullen , graham houston , fred Theobald,, all drunk in caesars bar when on leave
  10. you wasn't working in oman when you were drinking in caesers bar mate ?
  11. have you got any more pictures dave ?
  12. ill have to check this our as shaun is a mate of mine
  13. where eagles dare , broadside calling danny boy, loved it
  14. ok mate , just going to load up a few from Caesars bar
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