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    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Also, @ThaiSpice please, to compare China and USA when it comes to environmental practices is not only insane, but ignorant. You forget one little detail, that being the the USA is a REPUBLIC, not a UNION, like the EU. Each State sets their own standards, the federal standard is just a minimum. Most States standards are significantly different than the Federal Standard and most exceed the Paris Climate Treaty Standards. And gee,...of course the USA emits more greenhouse gases, than Belgium or France. It's GDP is humongously bigger. These stats of total emmissions are a farce. How about measuring them as ratio to GNP. (NOTE, there is a difference between GNP and GDP) Yep on a per capita population basis we use more energy than anyone, but hey, again, it is related as much to GNP as waste. All the stats you posted above is TARGETS, not actual results. Not a single EU G20 country reached their targets in total emissions last year. The countries that pound there chest the most about the Paris Climate Treaty are ironically the countries that are missing the targets by the greatest amounts. What is the old saying.....WALK THE TALK.....members or the Paris Climate Treaty are trying and doing some great things, and in "theory" it is beautiful. But they are not getting the results they are talking! Can give you a hall pass on the ignorance of not knowing the how a Republic functions from a legislative point of view, but the fact you allege to of been in CHINA and would still make such an inference is just mind boggling? I know some of the below headlines might not fit the MSM brainwashing job you have boughten into. I sure hope lil boy Macron can get a lid on the pot, cuz it looks like you guys are gonna miss your 2019 targets again just by the emissions going on from burning Paris down to revolt against environmental taxes.....jeez, talk about irony off the charts. https://www.forbes.com/sites/simonlack/2018/08/23/guess-whos-most-effective-at-combating-global-warming/#2e766c745cdb https://www.eesi.org/articles/view/u.s.-leads-in-greenhouse-gas-reductions-but-some-states-are-falling-behind https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/dec/05/brutal-news-global-carbon-emissions-jump-to-all-time-high-in-2018

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Well there you go...Thailand does indeed have the same as WHO at safe is anything below 50ppm.

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    Yes...Rogan might be the best interviewer out there right now! Just my opinion. Saw this the other day and have to say it made me do some research on DMT and would not rule a future experience out of realm of possibility. Here is another poignant discussion by Rogan and Bari Weiss with regards to a very current event. I think she nails the current societal problem that social media, a connected world, and ability to powerfully and quickly spread information to millions of people, right info or wrong info, when she says, "It is an erasure of individuality" somewhere in middle of the talk, and than touches the point again in the last sentences of the interview. Personally, listening to these two, I think they should run in 2020 as CO PRESIDENTS. One thing is for certain, 85% of all of us, (Seppos) anyway are truly centralists....maybe 10 degrees to the right on some issues and 10 degrees to the left on others.

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    No,.... more like biting off more than you could chew and having the charisma to make your team believe you could make it happen even though all signs pointed to disaster in the making weeks out from the event. The FYRE app itself was a big winner, or would of been. The foray into the music festival business and desire to attach to celebrity doomed the foundation of the Fyre business before it could scale. (The app was going to be the UBER of talent booking) Now his scam when out on bail, yeah, that was a scam from the get go.

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    For sure i get it. BTW...I need to correct myself...Thai Govt does indeed classify the safe zone for PM2.5 differently than does the WHO....the WHO says safe is only 25ppm or below, whilst the Thai govt says 50ppm or below. I do believe that is only band that varys and the unhealthy and dangerous zones have same criteria.

    new to the forum

    To quote Sir Matthew Harris....BOOM! That was a good one. Speaking of Sir Matthew is it just my imagination or has he been quiet the past few days. I hope all is well.

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Why is a drone in Bangkok more "on topic" to a thread entitled Air Pollution - Pattaya thread than is a reasonable discussion concerning alternative forms of environmentally more friendly forms of energy? By the way...orange building in bsckground...The Auguston on 22. I saw them launching these things this morning from the firestation on 22 during my walk about.

    Air Pollution - Pattaya


    Air Pollution - Pattaya


    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    You must be confused and mis read somewhere I am arguing to legislate out existing forms...nothing could be further than the truth. I am the ultimate glass full guy and think the power of human driven social change will make things evolve much faster, much more efficiently, and much less costly to society in general than any legislation or regulations would. You can't force shit down peoples throat via legislating or taxing as a deterent. Look at the failed Paris Climate Control thing. Not a g20 country signed up has met their targets aand whilst greenhouse emissions might be reducing did those countries really need a fake handshake deal to do it or would social perceptions on their own fueled the change. And to make people pay a higher cost to force a change that would of happenned anyway, well look at the lil boy Macron and how his mission is playing out raising taxes. If any approach regarding legislative effect works it is the opposite of taxation..it is incentivizing via lower taxes..ie the HK Telsa argument earlier in this thread. Where have i even hinted anything less. Stating i think investing in alternative forms of energies that are more environmentally friendly, and more sustainable via renewability or less consumption is smarter than investing im fossill fuel advanced technologies is not the same as protesting against some pipeline or trying to force close a coal plant. It is merely conviction in my belief that social awareness and innovation will take care of it via a natural process and along with the exponential increase in velocity of innovation comes increased speed of new process. I laugh at the tree huggers out trying to legislate to save our environment. The environment CAN'T be saved. It is a consumable..it really is that simple. But we can maximize efficiency of the consumption even if it doesn't change the ultimate end result..that being it has all been consumed. And i don't lose one second of sleep worrying about that end result because I am sure innovation will yield us plenty of other choices of environments far far away to consume long before this one is gone. The tree huggers way to tense and their trying to force square pegs through round holes is totally an exercise in self defeat.

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Part of innovation leads to better per unit economics on existing knowledge. I can remember when a 6 function (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, convert to %, and square root calculation ) costed usd$99.00. I can recall my first state of art 2 megal pixel fuji digital camera cost usd$900.00,...i could go on and on with a list of a zillion and one examples. I can remember when the first wireless phones were the size of a small carry in bag and cost usd$2500. I could go on and on and list many other examples like this. So again I can only conclude that if you can only see today and think it will cost trillions of dollars in new infastructure to convert to a mainstream form of transport based onusing electro magnetic levitation theory I can only assume you think the velocity of innovation will slow down exponentially. I just don't get it? Now if your argument was based on the power lust and greed inherent in human nature and say the fossil fuel industry lobbyist will curtail it I could understand that somewhat. After all it is the only reason we are still on the stuff today. Similar to why millions of people still die of cancer in 2019..the pharmy industry makes way to much coin off cancer treatment to want it to be cured. How could i envision maybe a low cost infrastructure be done..maybe in 10 years time laying the magnetic coils needed will be as simple as it is today for the public road department to repaint lane line dividers on the roads. Yeah sounds far fetched, but than again if i told you 10 years ago you could 3d print a gun you would of thought that insane as well. Just sayin...and some real irony, i hope the velocity does slow down. We are near the critical point that it is faster than our human capicity to manage and control it.

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Everyone entitled to their opinion but my opinion is if the human mindset was locked into the mindset you express above we would still be trying to figure out fire. I understated things...it took our species 9 million years to innovate from our first tools to being able to light a fire. 9 million years! My father died in 1997. I thought we had really reached close to our innovative ceiling than. I would say if my father could magically reappear today he would be lost and think he is in some altered state fantasy world. Most scientists and sociologists agree man has had more technological advancement in past 10 years than the rest of our recorded in history time combined...a nice little user friendly chart to remind one of the exponential increase in velocity can be found in link below. Personally I wish it would slow down as we are so close to the point the velocity exceeds our capacity to handle it. But, like I said. All speculative, but still for the life of me i can't figure out how someone with your intellect could not only think the velocity of innovation would slow down, but think it would do so at an exponential rate as per your above claim. www.explainthatstuff.com/timeline.html

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    Pretty sure that feature could be one of the cheapest add on options in history. Can probably get the vibration effect and everything. Augmented Reality will never go out of style. 😎

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    like i said,......it took man 1000's a year to master fire. 10 years ago, no smartphones. Why would the velocity of innovation slow down? But, regardless, it is all speculation, your POV and mine. Only time will tell. I plan on hanging around for awhile and continue to watch the amazements unfold....at a lighting like speed.

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    There you go again inferring that the velocity of innovation will slow down.....but....take a deep breath..what part of these two sentences that I wrote did you not understand? I thought I was pretty clear I was speaking towards the future of true sustainable transportation, no? Electric magnetic power and ride sharing is the future for sustainable clean transportation. Even electric cars as we know them today leave massive carbon footprints via the production of the batteries and the electricity generation of the recharge ports.