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  1. Absolutely fantastic news Phil, and even better news for lil Thomas and Puang!
  2. Priceline owns them all! https://www.priceline.com/
  3. Dave I can only imagine the torture of the wait. Everyday must seem like an eternity. Won't be long! Porn and your little Princess will be approved soon and may the good times roll!
  4. He is looking at 13 years....3 years for the State of Illinois crime of misreporting to the police, and 10 years for the Federal Felony of mail fraud. He will get the max, I am pretty sure of that!
  5. thai in usa....first picture in thread, 2nd from right!

    El Chapo

    Please correct me if I am wrong...he has only been found guilty of a boatload of charges but yet to be sentenced??? Mind boggling the jury took days of deliberation to reach the obvious verdict. Makes one wonder could this monster win when his case goes through the appellate system. Undoubtedly he has some dirt of some very influential people (hillary for one) and only a lame attorney would play those cards in the courts of first instance. Will he ever win in appeal courts...no way...but may he one day escape with aide, or die but not really die...never say never.
  7. LANZALAD, out of curiosity, are you referring to GDPR requirements?
  8. Have never heard a first hand account that didn't say you were way more than decent....10 plus years later I am still waiting for my chance to hear!
  9. Mind boggling stuff here..nursery school or kindergarten? What was the Secret's forum mimimum maturity requirement these past few years?
  10. Mentioning why their kids are in RorDor is mentioning it. 70% of the population in Bangkok come from the villages or are worst first generation Bangokians. A child born into lower spheres of the socioeconomic spectrum of the villages have way more options today than they did 10 years ago. Still eons to go compared to many places more advanced but trending in right direction and picking up speed. I know it is difficult to accept Central is in Pattaya now for some, but reality is, it is and nothing is going to change that. The internet gives a rural kid born without indoor plumbing literally access to millions more bits of information and what is out there and available. I would bet the ranch you go to any rural village and ask a 12 year old kid what they want to do for a living when they grow up 90% would answer: Football Player, Tech, Fashion, Gaming, blogger, pilot, doctor, ganjaentrepeneur, hospitality etc etc... long long before they would say I want to be a soldier. Just saying..the old Bangkok argument is as hollow and tired as Hillary's political career. And once this last batch of dinosaurs gets put out to pasture for good and kids get properly educated, dare I say it their chances of reaching their dreams will sky rocket.
  11. Been in Thailand for many moons, been married to a thai for 17 years. Have 100's of Thai's in my circle from all walks of life with kids..never met a one who indicated such a career as being sought after or top of heep. A way out of poverty yeah, but there are now more ways out of poverty than ever in Thailand. I think the dramatic increase in RorDor program over past decade at all walks of life is a clear indication that a career in military anyway is far far from a sought after choice of but a very few small part of population. RorDor is polar opposite of seeking a career. Also a lot of cases being brought forward to eliminate mandatory conscription for non RorDor program graduates or non monks. That is not to say, like many countries a military or law enforcement career can not be a great choice if done for right reasons.
  12. Whatever happened to that original Superduperstar or so they say girl Bow from the early days. Might of been most talked about girl in history or forums and had that stunning girl next door look. And she just suddenly vanished from all convo's one day, never to be heard from again. Just a reference to becoming pregnant, but never any real elaboration. Almost like it was some sort of state secret or something. (Was nice to take a walk back in vicarious times earlier in this thread where one of her promo pictures was posted, but surprised none of the old regulars who are posting here even mentioned a word of her)
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