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  1. Spoken like a true veteran and smart guy. Couldn't agree with your philosophy more on this score.
  2. GOOD DAY? Sir in your world, and little Thomas and your better half's world that has to be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century. It is the most AWESOME DAY EVER! Congrats....way to kick it in the fricking arse! Cannabis Oil! YES, YES, YES! Wake up world, it is real.
  3. Yep....just like in Vegas...they are still there, just not up front and center stage anymore. When I first got to Uni there would be a gaggle of 20 or more working girls on the corner of Flamingo and the Strip, 24/7 and downtown,...crap it was hard to walk down Freemont without getting gang tackled by working girls looking for a short time. Not anymore, but all the debauchery still there. Just need to know where to find it, A to Z!
  4. The private Catholic schools here have quite good reputation for the most part. Far from the lame ass public school curriculums that is for sure.
  5. Will respectfully disagree as the censoring of history is outrageous in the Thai education system. Khun Thaksin, nor Yingluck did not even exist as per the Thai education system. It is not an accident that the thai public education system is considered one of the worst in the world of non 3rd world countries, and the rating is purely based on censorship and lack of freedom to express opinion or question authority. Even at the UNI level...Chulalongkorn is called the Harvard/Oxford of Asia. It is rated the 82nd best University in Asia. Really sad because the Thai people are being suppressed via education, or the lack of education and instillation of a critical thought process at an early age. Now brainwashing,...heck yeah one of the finest most sustainable systems in history of civilization.


    Not only that but Stevie was a millionaire plus from his race car driving career whether he caddied or not!


    Not only that but Stevie was a millionaire plus from his race car driving career whether he caddied or not!


    Not to contradict you but I can't give caddies enough credit. It is not an accident why some caddies win a bunch of tourneys, majors included who end up carrying bags for multiple players during their career. They need to be multi talented....play at a high level, read greens at a higher level, be a weatherman, a psychiatrist and a best friend all at the same time. Almost like a good bartender, sans the ability to play a good game of golf.


    Bring on The Open.....my early call it will be the return of Rory and Speith to the final group on Sunday of a Major, with all the usual suspects right in the mix. Tiger, DJ, Adam Scott, and Justin Rose....and ooops, let's not forget about that Brooks guy😎. I will go record now...Rory wins it!


    Sounds like Tiger's play at #18 Augusta with a 2 shot lead.


    fook me, my HDPrimeTV subscript just came to an end and don't have time to run down to 7/11 for a top up. Depending on 24/7 for real time update on last 2 holes.
  12. Not so sure I would tear it all the way down yet. If Fulmer can come all the way back, Tigers have a kid, Casey Kize on the verge of coming up who really does look like he could be another Kershaw. Tigers might not be as far away as you think!
  13. refer to my last post in the golf thread and that is EXACTLY what we will see in the next 2 months. When are the Tigers going to join the party?


    Gonna be a massive test of mental fortitude for Woodland to be out there all by himself with 3 holes to go trying to protect a lead in the final round of a US Open. Many a man have cracked big time in this situation....let's see how Gary does. Hope Brooks can get a birdie here on 18 to really ramp up the pressure cooker.


    Even when showing individual player scores....FOOK ME SKY, move your fricking logo to the top corner..
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