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  1. They have banned outbound tour groups, not FIT travelers. Even in normal times outbound FIT International Travel is very restricted in China and only available to those with big dosh.
  2. Indeed. Same with the Oakland A's of the era. 72 Series was a great one. As a Chicago kid I think 71 or 72 was my first ever plane ride. Dad took us to Cinncinati for first Cub/Red Series at Riverfront. What a POS stadium it was.
  3. Also without question there is a long term economic benefit of the Zhuhai Bridge. Call me a skeptic but I see no real positive economic benefit to Thailand by connecting Hua Hin and Pattaya by bridge. Hi speed ferry didn't even work out and that is 1/zillionth the cost. Than again, a bridge project could line some pockets in the hierarchy so never say never. The Chinese are scaling back on their foreign infrastructure funding, hence the delays in the Thailand hi speed train rail network. And when they are funding it is soley with intent of a default on the loan and assumption of ownershi
  4. We live in same neighborhood. Also like to get home. Got on a plane for a 5 day trip to HK almost 6 months ago and I am still here. Who would of thunk it.
  5. RIP Phil. Thoughts are with Puang and lil Thomas.
  6. As far as the actual hospitalised C19 cases, indeed Thailand has fared well. But the economic fallout will be massive with huge societal knock on effects. Strap In
  7. Wow., nice pictures..not the TJ i recall. Left alot of brain cells in and around that town in the 80's!
  8. Sucks being here in HK now. Not worried about the virus, but the vibe, energy and commerce have just been sucked completely out of the place over last 6 months!
  9. Only 4 years old at the time, JFK assasination is one of my first real memories....of course didn't understand the gravity of what was going on, but can shut my eyes and see it like it was yesterday, Walter Cronkite coming on the news to advise the country JFK was dead. We were at my grandparents and they had one of the rare, rare color TV's at the time....remember that piss yellow tile wall at the hospital reporters were reporting from....didn't have a clue as to why all the adults in the room at Grandma's house were crying, but they were... JFK Jr dying was also a monumental, unforgetta
  10. will be coming home for a few days and landing at the Suvarnabhumi a few minutes b4 midnight on 31rst. Not looking forward to driving down the #9 towards central BKG during what might be the worst hour of the 7 day period! Fingers crossed!
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