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  1. Incredibly sad day today, Baz introduced himself to me and my friend Jim back in 2013 at Secrets, then bought us a round of drinks, then Barsie sent over a round to us and from then on, these guys were part of the great people I have met over the years in Patts. We traded taking pics of girl stories, had a laugh or two and he had taken some top pics over the years. He was one, pretty mellow guy and seemed to be enjoying his life in Ko Chang. Was glad to have seen him back in Sept 2018 at the Secrets party...... RIP Baz....
  2. Yessongs

    Phuket Airport

    Spot on assessment Roomark/Sangsom, always paid about 800 baht from the airport to Bangla where I stayed for years. The day trips around that island are impeccable.....took my Daughter June 2018 there, she loved it. Just a side note, wifey and I took her to Tai Pan one night, was fun and the music as you know that techno stuff. My Daughter asked me " Why do all those girls stand at the back wall like that"? I didn't tell her the truth LOL! Enjoy KWA.....all the best.
  3. Appreciate the inputs gentlemen, Ok next question then.....having a turbocharger better for gas mileage or not? Surprisingly I really thought the gas mileage might be a bit better, considering it is only 4 cylinders.
  4. Thanks Roomark, certainly the weather is favorable here and looking forward to having some fun here for a while.
  5. Well.....16 years difference between wifey and I. In her defense, she could have done alot better then me if she wanted. I do not look anywhere as good looking as any of you studs I have seen over the years. Luckily my " Calif Charm" worked on her a few years back. Bought her some $20 ear-rings for her B-day back in 2004 when she was here on a business trip with my former company. She was impressed! Not just for the huge amount of money I spent, but the fact that I remembered it was her B-day. Seriously, she told me that years later and the fact I always opened the car door for her...... She certainly had "credentials" as far as having her shit together too.. smart in finance and common sense. Plus, she patiently taught me "Microsoft Access" where alot of others gave up on me......she got the ring! Only 3 1/2 years into marriage, but so far it has been great.
  6. Ok so bought a 2018 Lexus Suv NX 300 the other day from the local dealer. My Brother was kind enough when back in the USA for a month or so, to let me use one of his extra cars so we did not have to rent a car. But….wifey and I will be in USA now for the foreseeable future, so I decided we needed a car of our own. Have always bought Japanese cars the last 30 years or so, so it came down to this SUV, did a lot of research and the Lexus and the Nissan were top picks. Decided to go with the Lexus as the guy took some money off the price and threw in a 30k service when we get there. It has 12k miles on it now and was a lease rental. Am happy and I am sure wifey will be too. Not an engine expert by any means, this thing is only a 2.0 Litre, 4 Cylinder Engine…..but has a Turbocharger? Why? Just always assumed Turbochargers are for much bigger engines? Guess not. @Pumpuynarak….Will keep the CRV back in Bangkok and wifeys brother will come over once a week to start both of our cars up and drive them on occasion until we get back.
  7. Here is the only girl I took from Thermae in 2009.....I knew she was in the archives somewhere......office girl working one evening there. She was a kick.... Highly recommended to stop by there again if any of you are in the area....
  8. Thanks for the info, kind of miss BKK at the moment, always fun ( at least for me) Thermae was rocking huh? Good to know, some regrets over my career? Not taking more girls from there when in the big city.
  9. Very nice gents, I am picking up a Lexus SUV tomorrow. Used 2018 from the dealership. Been using my Brothers car when back in town, but wifey arrives 1 week from today, need my own wheels as we are going to be here for a while. Dam kind of regret selling my Infiniti back in 2016....but you can't cry over spilled milk right? @Rompho Ray Like that color man, and 38 MPG with gas prices today, well done. @Shaksey Beautiful color on that Benz......well done to you too.
  10. No problem for me, have health insurance through AIA when in Bangkok at the wifes house. It's actually reasonable and I am 62 now.
  11. Outstanding Steve, have a great time at your ceremony and nothing but the best to you for many years. Wait till you see some of Wifeys friends you have never met........Oiiiiii.....
  12. Yeah good points gentlemen, I got the same with some idiot people here as in " Well, there are not that many Thai people here where you live, what is your wife going to do when she is here then"? OMG, can you imagine a Thai gal being able to function here with no other Thais here? The horror. God people are so stupid here where I live at times. She will be here the 24th, and we will be here for the foreseeable future. Just a side note too, she had her interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok a week ago right? All is well, no probems at all. She said the American guy interviewng her was real nice, cool and laid back. Obviously the entire interview was done in English then her told her he speaks fluent Thai as he is married to a Thai gal locally there and they chatted for a while after. Rachanee has this kind of dry, sense of humor and she had a battery of blood tests done before the interview that she had to bring to him in a " sealed envelope" that she had done the previous week. That and a Police Report saying she was not wanted locally there too. He told her that the blood test are all good and she is not HIV positive?? She was mortified! Apparently they did not tell her at Bumrungrad that part of the test would be to check that too. It's all good....they also gave her a " booster" for Measles and a few others. Measles here in USA is running rampant right now.
  13. Last year when I went, there is music playing, not loud though. They do not make the girls buy drinks, but the guys they make you buy one as you are touring the area looking for a "dance partner" Drink prices are amazingly reasonable. Whiskey and Coke was 120 baht well poured. Most of these gals have employment in the immediate BKK area, I would day most of them are "office girls" looking to pad their bank account a bit at night for a few hours. The one I took back in 2009 was just that, an office girl who lived downtown and would come to Thermae on Fri/Sat evening. I paid her 3k Baht LT. She was cool, will try to find a pic of her and post it up. Despite some of the criticism of this place, it is absolote non sense that they only go with Japanese/Korean guys..... One other thing, last year when we were walking around, chatted it up with a few gals, I even offered them a drink just for being cool and talking with me, everyone of them said no, but thanked me for asking.
  14. Buddy of mine back in Bangkok just sent me this.....ah The Thermae, a rite of passage when in downtown Bangkok right? This was taped just a few days ago. Went there for the first time in 2001.......seems like yesterday. Last visit was last year 2018 with another BM. Some good talent in there for sure. I like the gal fanning herself....would hate to find out she was an LB.....but I don't think so. Officially I have taken 1 girl from there over 16 years of fun time in BKK.......and you?
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