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  1. I hope I don't get kicked off the board here LOL! Swear to God, this is one Canadian gal who has some "pipes"
  2. Oh Ok Mr Eden, this new restaurant used to be "El Burro" Mexican Restaurant. Got here in 1969 with my parents from Los Angeles. First restaurant we ever went to here was " El Burro" 48 years it lasted, till the Chinese bought the lease to some of the establishments here a few years ago. They raised the lease from $20k to $60k per month. El Burro told them to f**k off! People were pissed! Big issue here, people really spoke up, but this is Calif as you know, and money talks. So looks like " Luna" is going to pay the $60k per month. Wow, that's alot of money every month. So now let's
  3. I am probably going to get flamed for this, but...I believe in Science, more over I believe in my Primary Care Physician more then anything else. This year in July I have had the Shingles Shot ( Shingrix) the FLUZONE shot in October ( she is cool, supposed to wait until you are 65 for for this, but at 63 she said no problem.) Wifey had the regular flu shot. I have an appt Dec 10th for the Pneumococcal Pneumonia shot. Count me in for the Covid vaccine too... I have been "poked" this year more then the Kardashian Sisters have f%#%^& black guys LOL!
  4. When I caught the Skunk last week, my neighbors were so happy as they smelled it too, they came over and gave me a $100 gift card to Amazon. Gave it to wifey, she bought a new pair of running shoes. Exciting times in "Man Jose" LOL!
  5. Great rendition of this, will try to talk my Son into learning how to play this.
  6. Last night we went to "Luna" Mexican Food in a city called Campbell. Totally re-modeled, all LED lighting indoors, no indoor seating cause of Covid, but the outdoors is well done here I will say. Those heat lamps on the roof do the job keeping all warm. They are not hurting for business, got there at 5:00pm and had to wait 15 minutes. Steak Salad for Rachanee, Salmon Tacos for me, Corona and 2 Cadillac Margaritas and we are all feeling pretty good. Off to Dolce Spazio in Los Gatos for a walk and Ice Cream after.
  7. I think Steven Spielberg might have found the next Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney. Well done gentlemen.
  8. Very nice pics and reporting Jambo...well done.
  9. Great pics gents, last night here, Salmon with Yellow Fried Rice and Gass Noodle......
  10. Yessongs


    The one on Silom Rd. was a blast, had fun there a few times, opening night May 2018 for sure was fun. About 2 hours into the opener, the owner came out and told the girls it was OK if they wanted to drink too. Take out was available for that night only was the rumor.
  11. Moderna reports this morning that their Vaccine is proven to be 95% effective, some good news, stock market is liking it. In San Jose, Calif here we are going to feel the effects of another "tier" starting Tuesday. Oh please don't shut down the Viet Coffee shops LOL!
  12. So a few weeks back, Rachanee wakes me up in the middle of the night and asks me what this terrible smell is? I knew right away it was a Skunk. Even with the windows closed, it was bad. Week later the same, so we got one roaming the backyard in the neighborhood in the middle of the night, next door neighbor told me the same, they smell it too. So called this company called " Critter Control" in San Jose. What a joke, $400 for them to come out and leave 2 cages baited etc. Told them no thanks. Got on You Tube, checked a bunch of things and Home Depot has these cages. Bought it there
  13. Oh yeah, we are all alive and well...for how long, I don't know LOL!
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