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  1. Dam Eddie Money and now Ric Ocasek? The Cars at The Cow Palace in 1978 they were good, clean sound and great music.
  2. Yeah went to see Blake Shelton last night here, he mentioned Eddie Money to the audience and what a great guy he was. NYE 1976 in San Francisco, Eddie Money, Flo and Eddie ( The Turtles) and The Tubes. Those were the days. Saw him in 1980 at Lake Tahoe also. Great artist and worked the stage like no other. RIP Eddie Money......
  3. Thanks buddy, well, what can I say? Jesus, I got to get out more often LOL! This guy was incredible last night. Rachanee actually likes some country, was looking through her CD's back in Bangkok last year. Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and a few others. Pics and full report soon. Yee Hah!
  4. Binlid, help me out here, I am going to take wifey to see Blake Shelton tonite at our local arena.....first time ever to a country concert for me and her both. Is it going to be good? I hope so. Been looking at some of his videos, looks like he has some talent.
  5. Great read, Thai time indeed, good on you for keeping them straight and letting them know their behavior is unacceptable.
  6. Yep, was watching it on TV here as I was getting ready for work that morning. The images of those people jumping form the towers is something I will never forget.
  7. Impersonating a cop to steal a phone huh? Outstanding...
  8. Late to this thread, good info here when buying in LOS. When I got married in 2016, we drove the wifes BMW around, I just wanted my own wheels though. So in Sept 2016, convinced her to work with me and we bought a Honda CRV for me. Used from the dealership, never had an SUV before, was skeptical at first, but I had to give it up, great piece of machinery at the end of the day. I could not have got that deal without wifeys Thai language skills and negotiation tactics. Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero, all of the Japanese SUV's get high marks for sure. I do think the Range Rover will be my next purchase though LOL! Great price huh?
  9. Couldn't agree more, Reno is just not the same. Remember $2 Blackjack at Circus Circus etc. back in the day. Still really clean as wifey and I were there in July 2016. Now on the other hand, if you take a trip to Tahoe, you will not believe how much they have grown. For the better I think. The view from the lake at Heavenly is still breath taking. Take a drive around the entire lake and check out northshore too.
  10. Yeah Ok....this is Thailand. I am sure they will go down and register the Leopard soon.
  11. Does this one count?
  12. @Horizondave @galenkia Well gentllemen, if you like the gal in the purple hair, how about a 3 some with her twin sister? You got some stamina? I am always here to help my friends from "across the pond" LOL!
  13. Appreciate all the comments. Some guys sitting next to us were die hard fans of these shows.....told us the outdoor stadium shows are even better. They get more room to roam around and can do more tricks.
  14. So last Sunday took Wifey to this Monster Jam Show at SAP arena here in San Jose, Calif. Amazingly, 47 years living here in Calif, never went to one of these. I knew she would like it and I was right. These trucks are "beasts" to say the least. Loud and angry and they put on quite the performance. Got the "pit passes" kind of a meet/greet before the show for an additional $30 for both of us was well worth it. 2 hours before the show which started at 7:00pm, you go down and they have all the trucks and drivers and you get to take pics of these monsters and the drivers and they are all really cool young guys. Girl drivers too. You just do not realize how big these trucks are until you stand right next to them. These tires they use are as big as Rachanee LOL! So the announcer comes on and says " San Jose are you ready"? You hear this deafening engine start up, out comes " El Toro Loco" screams out of the tunnel, hits the dirt mound and catapults high into the air. Rachanee grabs my arm and says "Oiiiiiii" Big competition for money on the circuit we found out. They score points for three different things: 1. Corkscrew...they stand these machines on end, straight up perpendicular to the sky and attempt to go up the dirt mound. If they do without falling over, they get points. Only 2 did and a few flopped over. They just send the fork lift out, turn them back over and off under the tunnel they go. 2. Donut competition.....now this is amazing, deafening loud, I thought "The Who" was loud in 1976! I was told by the guys sitting next to us that the idea is to do donuts, but not sway over to any other part of the arena floor. If you stay in one place, you get points. Only a few were able to do this and stay in one location. Unbelievably loud but good. 3. Freestyle....now this is good, you just do what ever you want to try to impress the judges. Most seem to get pretty "airborne" looking for some height. Clearly "Monster Mutt" was the winner here as you can see. Grave Digger seemed to be the crowd favorite. Guys were telling us these engines are Chrysler Hemi, special fuel mixture, 1,200 Horsepower etc.etc. Great time.
  15. Interesting about Taiwan, a friend of mine lived there for a year working for Intel and took a job there in Taipei at the local Sales/Marketing office. He was there when they had an Earthquake and scared the shit out of him. They also have some major typhoons that come through there during that time of season. He did not speak any Mandarin, but said the women there were quite fine and he had a few GF's over his year there. Said too the quality of life there was not bad and traffic not too bad either.
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