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  1. Yessongs

    El Chapo

    I think Thumper 63 is going to make a bold move and attempt to get him out LOL! @thumper63 Chai Mai? Good riddance to this dirt bag.
  2. Wifey took me here in 2001....too hot......next!
  3. Yeah this is making the rounds here too all over the media in Calif. I don't know why, but I am doubting this family graduated from Stanford and were taking the kids on a vacation to the "happiest place on earth"? LOL! Perhaps the WWE and Vince McMahon can enlist some new entertainment? Anaheim PD will find the low lifes...guaranteed. Took Rachanee to Disneyland last Sept 2018, had a blast, the only thing I had to worry about was Pluto "getting cozy" with wifey 😎 Place is still fun...even after all of these years. "Yo Ho, Yo Ho....a Pirates ife for me"
  4. Interesting that you say that they want everyone to use agents. If we are being cynical, you might be right, but maybe I am naive, listening to the PM every Fri evening on his television talk to the nation, I have gotten the impression that this is something he would drop the hammer at the top if it was proven this was the "norm" Like I said, in Bangkok, I use my wifes friend just not to have the hassle, it is easy and only cost 5k baht to me for her agency to do this, but......I am legit all the way and if ever called into the office, I got my ducks all lined up.
  5. Dam what a hassle Jambo.....sorry you have to go through this, thanks for sharing this with us. With me the following happens: 800k baht in my account with Bangkok Bank....check. Legitimate Retirement Visa......check. Rachanee is not on that account, but like Forcebwithu, she has a signature on file and if I "kick the bucket" she gets it...check. Perhaps I am going the easy way route....we use her friend " Eye" to do all of these types of things and she has done this for the 3 years I was there, she uses the Immigration Office in Chonburi.....I do not do anything except pay her 5k to do this once a year for me. I do the 90 day check myself at Chaeng Wattana and so far so good.
  6. Summertime here 2 times per week, they have these farmer guys come in from Central Calif and sell fresh fruit....Peaches are always good for me.
  7. Well at least my hometown has some bragging rights. We can't win a "Stanley Cup" but we have one of the most prolific eaters in the world. He went to my old alma mater, San Jose State Univ, so I know he's smart LOL! This guy is amazing and god knows how these guys can do this is beyond comprehension really. He was disappointed he only ate 71 Hot Dogs in 10 minutes yesterday and was hoping to get down 75?? He has won this so many times. Outstanding. Joseph Christian "Joey" Chestnut is an American competitive eater. He is currently ranked first in the world by Major League Eating. He is a Vallejo, California native and resides in San Jose, California. Chestnut's height is 6-feet-one-inch; his weight is 230 pounds. Wikipedia Born: November 25, 1983 (age 35 years), Fulton County, KY Height: 6′ 1″ Nickname: Jaws Residence: San Jose, CA Education: Vallejo High School, San José State University
  8. Thanks Coxyhog......funny to say the least. Wifey and I are doing a Bar-B-Que at 5:00pm here and then over to a local park for some fireworks.
  9. Have had some very nice cloud formations and sunsets here locally recently.
  10. Is it going to be even close againt The Netherlands? America looks good...we'll see.
  11. Well.....I was happy yesterday. No Rapinoe either for the USA, who does USA play in the final? Wifey does morning exercises, game comes on here at 11:00am local time. England played well........always no matter what sport it seems, off sides always is controversial.
  12. Wow, thanks for that buddy, I am a big Bowie fan and was always " controversial" in what he did and how he lived his life. I will say one thing from personal experience, his show was the utmost and professional and well played I have ever been to. 1977 at the Oakland Coliseum Arena....5 rows back. Phenemonal...
  13. Will be interesting to hear about this guy, full physicals before spring training and all. Dam 27?
  14. Steve, Have you tried "Linkedin" yet? Just for giggles a few months ago, I did. Got quite a few enquiries, Tech Marketing Jobs here.....not looking to work, 35 years was enough for me, but was surprised at how many people are on this.
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