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  1. Yessongs


    Yeah as a die hard Rams fan I am certainly happy......but......liking Drew Brees all these years too, I hate to see a game decided on such a poor, pathetic call as the Saints got. They should be livid, if the shoe was on the other foot....I would be. Sadly that is sports today at the pro level. Goff showed some real poise as a young QB taking them downfield like he did. All this without Todd Gurley. Let's not forget Zuerlin......57 yarder in that pressure situation, money kick for sure. That's the good news, the bad news is we get Brady and The Pats! But how much did everyone bet that Nick Foles had no shot at beating the Pats last year? The Pats can be beaten, but you better bring your "A" game. Oh you're welcome...no charge to any BM here for my fine analysis LOL!
  2. Cool pic Matt, this one from Man Jose a few years back, retired Firefighter down the street from me, took him 3 years to build his dream car.
  3. Hospice Care...as I am seeing it first hand, these people are a different DNA....thankk god for them.
  4. Wifey likes the beach places as a general rule when we get out of the"burbs" Hua Hin is #1 for her, Phuket is #1 for me. We really have to go up north sometime in the future....I have to see Issan.
  5. Yessongs

    koh samui

    If you want to take some time, go over to the "Members photography" section, scroll down to " Some Thailand pics from the past" and I put up pics of Ko Samui from last year there. We stayed 6 days, over the holidays NYE. Was good, it did rain at times, then stop, but a few weeks back it was raining of biblical proportions there...not good. I always had a blast in Samui and like the place.
  6. @fon_tok Just to be perfectly clear, I like Korean girls too. Haloween, 2012 Connie working at a viet coffee shop here locally. Dangshin-eul johahaeyo LOL!
  7. @galenkia I am back home now and was looking over some pics on my drive here...Laguna Seca in Monterey we used to go to see the bike and formula 1 races. Help me out here.....I think this was 1978? I think the key rider here was a guy named "Evon Duhamel"? I could be wrong.
  8. Yessongs


    Die hard Rams fan for many years, I worry about Goff though. His passing at times is just really awful. He misses a lot of open receivers. The Rams defense is sub par at times too and they give up a lot of big plays. If Brees is in rhythm...it could be a disaster. Plus...The Saints are going to be hard to beat in the Dome.
  9. Yessongs

    Word is secrets is to become scooters..

    Wow, as George Harrison once said " All things must pass" or how about the late, great Evil Knievel" You can have alot of fun in life and do alot of things, god knows I did, enjoy it while it lasts.......nothing lasts forever" Personally I always had fun in Secrets......bar fined a few gals over the years there. They were good. My 72 year old buddy who went with me for the first time in 2013, had a blast there. We stayed at the hotel....it was certainly close to the action. Had fun when Larry was there, Egg and the staff were always cool. Thought the food was excellent over the years too. Got to go to the last 2 anniv parties.....was good too. Good luck to the new place. I agree, looking at the place in PP....looks pretty good. Hope to check it out one day.
  10. Yessongs

    Where to stay in Bangkok

    Citadines Soi 23 is good....stayed here a few times. Small standard rooms, but the location is just outstanding IMO. Lot's of choices in the city and plenty of girls locally too.
  11. Ok so sadly I am leaving Thailand Thursday and do not know when I will be back. My 87 year old Dad is having big problems and I need to get back there and re-assure him that going forward, I will take care of 85 year old Mom right? His kidneys are failing and Dialysis does not seem to be helping. Wifey will join me soon as soon as she gets the spouses visa we applied for in November. Already has a tourist visa good for 6 months, but we will probably have to stay longer, much longer then that. So one of the nicest gals I have met here in the last 3 years is Miss Oi. Was nice to me the first day I joined this gym in 2016 right? Air Traffic Controller at Suvarnbhumi and is classy, sexy and most importantly...... nice all in one package. Been out with her, her friends and other guys for dinner over the years, recently last month, met up and she got to meet my wife. Told her this past Sunday I was leaving, said our final good byes, she texted me today and asked if I was at the gym. I told her yes and she came by, it was her day off, she goes back to work Fri evening. She bought me this book and told me I can read it on the airplane on the way home. It was called " friendship" Geez....I realize this is a boys club forum, and we are all suppposed to be all "macho" but this brought a tear to my eye.......seriously. She took this pic with her I phone and sent it to me. One class gal and one I will certainly miss........ Take care of Thailand while I am gone and be nice to the girls......there are some real good ones here.
  12. Yessongs

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    In Bangkok out in the burbs, does not seem all that bad to me. Los Angeles this past Sept..Bangkok and Pattaya you might think you are in Denver LOL!
  13. Great pics and well done.......was just thinking all the years I had been to Pattaya, never made it to boyz town LOL!
  14. Yessongs

    Life in Buriram province

    Outstanding thread and pics.......beautiful home.