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  1. Great report and great photos, looks like fun.
  2. I use my wifes friend, she has a very successful business downtown BKK and does LLC and all this other stuff in this phenemonal building they have. 4 girls work in that office and she does a great job. MBA girl too. I do not cheat, have the right finances etc. She also does my 90 day, I used to do it, but geting to Chang Wattana in traffic from Minburi became a hassle. Plus....she likes me, so she comes over for dinner once a month 😁
  3. Wife and I use LDC Dental when in Bangkok, she makes sure there are no funny charges on our bill. Twice a year cleaning/ x rays ( or scaling according to Thai language) for 1,500 baht each. Luckily neither of us have had to deal with the Thai Meical system at all except a yearly Physical at Phayathai Hospital. They are good too, and with the insureance we have is a bargain for what they do with Blood Tests that include ( for me) PSA test and a few others. Wifey gets her "girly" checks too as part of the package. @forcebwithu 14k for Crown is not bad, here you would pay $1,200 USA.
  4. Bought my Son this Guitar on line yesterday for his upcoming 30th b-day. Will take it up to him next month. Will get here Monday and take it to a "luthier" where he will make some adjustments to the bridge, lower the strings a bit and add locking tuners that I bought. It is a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 that will be his first of this manufacture. Carlos Santana uses these exclusively. @Nightcrawler Help me out here, if I remember correctly from a past thread, you had recommended me to look at this model. Good decision, have been doing alot of research and this Guitar gets great reviews and many You Tube videos and analysis convinced me this was a great buy. He also just bought a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst to add to his collection.
  5. Can you tell me what a "Farnag" is? Is it the same thing as a "Narfag"? Is that what they call me when I am there LOL!
  6. No face mask at the Viet Coffee shops here in San Jose that just re-opened.....outdoor patio seating only for now. They can fit about 20 guys outdoors with tables 6 feet apart. @galenkia Kathy the Korean gal on the left asked me when you are coming here? What should I tell her? My buddy Mr. Lazarus has been to this location with me.
  7. My Daughter lives in Austin, Tex, she is appalled at what she sees around town. Not any concern for many, no masks, social distance etc. I told her Calif is the same and we have some real idiots here too. She took my advice and used the same company I did and tested negative and continues to work from home. Same with my Son who is here in San Jose.
  8. Bored yesterday, went out to this city called "Fremont" where they have a lake and park. Alot of people out there just walking around etc. Did not realize how many "geese" were out there. The Chinese guy ignored the "No Fishing" sign as usual. Boydeste needs to have a talk with him LOL!
  9. Beautiful pics Terry, did you barfine any girls from the "Lone Spur Cafe"? LOL! I see there is a ST Hotel right next door? Hee!
  10. Many Mexican food restaurants places in Palm Springs.....are you there now? Nice place, and warm. Seriously buddy, 2 things I am missing the most are dinners out and the gym. Courtside Racket club huh? Oh yeah, remember it well...it is now the "Bay Club Courtside" How do I remember? First time ever taking wifey#1 on our first date there for dinner back in 1982. Los Gatos Lamborghini I drive by quite a bit........and dream. Stay safe.
  11. Here locally restaurants started re-opening the Ist, with patio seating now beginning. Alot of restaurants have now built concrete foundations outside in this city called "Los Gatos" where they can start to begin serving people. At least it's a start and hopefully in July a Phase 3 will let my gym open again. Yesterday we went to "Pedros" Mexican Restaurant, I woofed down my Enchilada in record time. I could have easily had another LOL! That one picture of the 2 story used to be a "mortuary" back in the early 1900's, now a restaurant. Calif weather in full swing now....feels good.
  12. If you go there and run into this guy, can you tell him hello for me? He will probably remember me LOL! Steve Howe lives in Devon....is it a nice place? Hoping to make it to "Yosemite" later this year, they are starting to re-open now and we like the Mountains.
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