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  1. Yessongs

    Rain....A tribute to The Beatles.

    @Lanzalad Outstanding narrative and thanks for this video, damn these guys are good too. Love it. Ok, so we have something in common...our Thai gals both like The Beatles. Like yourself, she has to "put up" with some of my music here LOL! So a few years ago, she asked me if this was The Beatles? I was surprised she even remotely knew who they were. She likes them because the lyrics are easy to understand and the music well....is not all that complicated? Fair assessment? She also likes when I play The Beach Boys, Chicago, The Moody Blues etc. We are lucky we lived in this time, these types of bands are as close to The Beatles as we are ever going to get. Rain, their performance and sounds coming out of those Vox Amplifiers, Rickenbacker Guitars and even The Ludwig Drums are just outstanding. My Son tells me Vox Amplifiers are quite good and I could buy him one LOL! Would be a great addition to his Marshall and Boss Katana collection. He also tells me Rickenbacker Guitars are second to none.....and so are the prices!
  2. Yessongs

    Rain....A tribute to The Beatles.

    Good info....Hoffner Bass that good huh? 4 decades of concerts for me, neve saw anyone except McCartney use one. I too was wondering why these guys do not go to Europe?? They are the real deal and I was thinking they would do well over there. Yeah I thought there has to be some some of tribute band over there too.
  3. Yessongs

    I like them chubby

    Yep.... I thought so too.... Typical of most of these girls back home who are Viet.....never met one that ever thought she didn't need to lose a little weight... You like nice racks? I am always here to help LOL! 2008 gal from Patpong.
  4. Yessongs

    I like them chubby

    Few years back home at one of the car shows, was macking on this girl a bit, this blonde gal told me alot of guys do not ask her to go out cause she is a bit overweight. Of course being the complete gentlemen I am, I told her that I would take her out......then she asked me how old I was? ☹️ I told her age is just a number and I would take her friend too.
  5. Yessongs

    Beside a fatty on a Bangkok flight?

    I hear alot of people complain too about small children ruining their flight, I do not know how many times I have sat next to small "Asian" children and during a 13 hour flight from SFO to Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo Etc. then catching the connecting flight to Bangkok, these kids do not utter a word the entire time. Last flight here back in Oct, this young girl sat next to me and the wife, she jus smiled and colored in her book the entire time. Had to ask Mom how old she was right? She said she was 4 years old.....now the " white kids" on some of these flights.......don't get me started LOL!
  6. Yessongs

    Rain....A tribute to The Beatles.

    Yeah they were not bad S4L...remember my Dad grumbling "Looks like they need a dam haircut" No doubt about it....... Thanks was good.
  7. Was looking around a few days ago and found these pics I took back in March 2013. So back in 1965, I was a mere 8 year old living with Mom/Dad in Los Angeles when The Beatles broke here in USA. Forever etched in the memory banks was the Ed Sullivan show on TV here. After that, they made it big here and distinctly remember going with 2 other friends ( his parents had to come with us) to see "A Hard Days Night" movie. Like alot of us I am sure, we all liked The Beatles, still do and was just listeneing to "Revolver" on the headphones the other day. So these guys "Rain" have been around a while now, they are the real deal and truly the re-creation of the music is second to none. Have seen them several times, but as they make more money, the shows become bigger and with the technology today, it is really good. So they come on stage, they do bits from The Ed Sullivan show, then they change and come back and do songs from Shea Stadium back in Aug 1965, then a quick break, then change again into and do all of " Sgt. Peppers" Finally, they change into the outfits that coincide with "Abbey Road" and that finishes the show and do a blistering version of "Let it Be" These guys are good and their re-creation of this music is worth a look, the guy who plays Paul is outstanding with the Hofner Bass and the Vox amplifiers and the same instruments they used back in the day, love the sound of Johns Rickenbacker. They are touring again in 2019 and will be close to my home in June 2019.....highly recommended if you like The Beatles http://raintribute.com/rain/videos.html
  8. Damn.........where is the balance in life some of these people seem to not have?
  9. Not in this heat and humidity for me......good on him. 150 baht for me at the local Shell Station while I wait inside the air conditioned place.
  10. Nice pics JL, this is always a good event, looking forward in a few weeks to the next one. Ok help me out here......same girls?
  11. Saw this on the news here the other day.....looks quite nice.
  12. Great pics gentlemen.....back in 1976, went to Nevada on a boys trip. Of course, we had to try one of the " brothels" locally LOL! Driving around, we saw this place, not the place one wants to be really. Did not stop by the hobby store, to see what the inmates were making.....thankfully.
  13. @nampla69 Yeah great guys at Secrets to hang with at the anniv party every Sept for sure. Yeah Fon was just 19 years old when I first met her, she is a kick to hang with as you know. Ko Samet is a gem of a little island for sure. Cliff is a " stud muffin".....his wife told me LOL!
  14. Yessongs


    Nice pics....lot's of history there..boy that entire city took a beating with the flood in 2011.