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  1. Just picked up 2 tickets to see "Journey" with Arnel Pinada on May 27th here.....wifey will be quite happy. Have only seen Journey with Steve Perry back in the 80's, Arnel has done a nice job of taking over for him for 13 years now. Can't wait to see Neal Schon and his screaming Guitar solo on this tune.
  2. Yessongs

    Board Pilots

    Really cool......geez.
  3. Hot and sticky in Pattaya JL? Can't imagine LOL! Good assessment on the girls in Soi 6...if I was looking for a replacement on the offensive line for The Rams next year, I might go here LOL! Of course, no one could look as good as any of us right?
  4. Yessongs

    Board Pilots

    Dam Force, this was yours and the one you referred to in the Lake Tahoe thread I should try over the Sierra Nevada Mountains? Comfortable enough for 2 people, looks small, any claustrophobic problems?
  5. Let me know what and how this goes, would like to hear.
  6. I also heard that too...but supposedly just the ones in Florida right?
  7. Interesting to say the least, but with "research" not to surprising huh? Read a year or so ago here in a magazine at the Dentist office, that that men who "ejaculate" more then 5 times per month, "researchers" in Germany concluded that they are 60% less likely to get Testicular Cancer?? OK.....I'm good there I guess LOL!
  8. Yessongs

    Our Airbnb

    I missed this thread, beautiful for sure. Wifey was happy I take it too? Outstanding.
  9. Just for kicks, a pic back in 1977 at Tahoe in November. This gal I went with was from " Dusseldorf" Just friends, she was one laid back girl who was just cool to hang with.
  10. Thanks buddy, yeah they have Chris Squire's Bass there, has been there since at least 2015 when I went....nice looking Rickenbacker. Any Hard Rock cafes near your area in Canada? Great hotel for sure.. Yeah perhaps you are on to something here, Rachanee is a gamer, she would for sure trying Skiing. Lucky you to have been part of that experience on a sail plane. Damn 76k feet up in the air with no motor? I can imagine how cool that would be if I had any balls huh? LOL! Thanks for your inputs on this.
  11. No worries GB, you would like it and I too have to get to Banff one day, the pass on the mountains is not all that bad at all. Truckee is on the other side going to Reno, this way if you have a 4WD piece of cake since you do winter driving anyway. Summertime have seen many golfers " gleeming" watching their drives in that thin, mountain air.
  12. Finished out last night, went well, Chicken Marsela for her, standard Lasagna for me. I took the Ferrari out for this special occasion and had the valet guys park it for me LOL! She said I did a great job on the little "White Crystals" bracelet from Swarovski I got her
  13. Yeah young and in Calif in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with a blonde, what's not to like huh? LOL! Those were the days.........amazingly the Lake has held its own after 50 years, yep remember the time when we first moved to Calif, 1969, Mom and Dad took me and my Brother to Lake Tahoe. 13 years old, we had to stay outside of the casino, and watched Mom and Dad from the windows outside pulling the slot machines! Mom passed away this past Dec, she was still talking about the time she saw " Elvis" there in 1971 at the Sahara Casino/Hotel which is now The Hard Rock. Great, oh yeah HWY 89, went there summer in 2016 with my wife and just recently last week with a trip around the lake. It can take some time as people just love that drive. That is a beautiful part of the lake and lucky for you, sounds like you had a nice place there to bring up some kids. I was thinking about you, if wifey was not around, would have asked one of the Pinay beauties on her break to let me take a pic or two... Thanks buddy, yeah I was just talking to her last night about Yosemite, she just really likes being in the mountains around here, none anywhere near her home obviously. I would imagine that having a Harley around summertime up there, would be just outstanding. Perhaps a trip there or another possibility might be Yellowstone? We'll see. Whoa.....if I told you I might a candy ass for this adventure, would I still get some respect? LOL! Have you done that? Rachanee asked me if she could try to snowboard? I said next time. Me? I do not want to screw up any ligament or meniscus damage to my knees at my age. 35 years in Tech, I want to be able to enjoy retirement and walk around and not walk with problems going forward. Snowboarding/skiing is for the younger guys. @Steelers4Life Ted, forgot to mention to you, went into the Sports book at Harveys. Was looking at bets for the 2021 Super Bowl. The Steelers were 18 to 1, The Rams were 25 to 1....not great, but the Redskins and the Bengals were 100 to 1 to win it all. Jared Goff will be MVP next year LOL!
  14. Really appreciate the inputs gentlemen, yeah nice to get out of the city and into the Mountains, we both really like this place. Just beautiful for sure. @Mrmango Your cabin was in Northshore or Zephyr Cove perhaps? Just a side note, we had to take the snowmobile adventure near "Myers" as the Calif side has a lot more snow then the Nevada side right now. Looking at videos the "Zephyr Cove" snowmobile adventure looked a bit better as you get to stop and get much closer to the lake, but not enough snow yet for them to open. @forcebwithu Good point, her friends wanted to know, as she got a lot of questions like " Wow, was it cold there"? Hey no kidding huh.
  15. So wifey and I finally made it to Lake Tahoe to see and experience the snow. First time ever for her, I had not been to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Winter since 1993. 4 hour drive from my home, the last hour is the best as you get into the Mountains. Pulled into Harvey’s Hotel/Casino for a 6 night stay. Nice place, reasonable at $90 per night for a King Bed, Standard Room, 9th floor view etc. Great Sports Bar for breakfast in the morning. The tale of 2 weather patterns over 6 days, first 2 days, 25 and 27 degrees ( -3 and -2.7 C) then warming to 44 degrees ( 6 C) over the last 4 days. Nights were brutally cold after the sunset. Rachanee was a “gamer” though, thermals, goose feathered jacket, sharks beanie, gloves and snow boots and she is ready. Don’t want to bore you with all the things we did, but a trip around the lake, over to the North Shore to explore a bit and small hike, over to Incline Village where all the rich people have their homes were all things we did. But several highlights were as follows: The Gondola ride up to see the lake at 10,000 feet ( 3,048 meters) is a must, then an additional 2,000 feet ( 609 meters) to watch these young guys ski/snowboard was fun………..23 degrees ( -5 C) will check your ego at the door LOL! Damn…….luckily clear and cold and no wind. Snowmobile riding was first time for me too. Never did this before and sorry I missed this all those years ago. $200 for 2.5 hours, included 30 minutes with a guide who taught you the right way not to kill yourself LOL! Then he leads 10 of us on a 2 hour, 16 mile drive deep into the “motherlode” of the Sierra Nevada’s. This was just outstanding, with several stops along the way for photos etc. I had no idea how fast 40 MPH ( 60KM) is on one of these. These things get real fast, real easy. Rachanee asked me if she could drive the final hour? I was hoping she wouldn’t ask. She took the lesson like all of us, she did go much slower though. My biggest concern was she was going to go off some ravine in 200 feet of snow, no one would notice we were gone from the group, they would find us next May when the snow melts, looking like a couple of frozen popsicle sticks LOL! She did well though and we made it back safely. Night time activities? Well it should be obvious, buffet dinners, had a great meal at Montbleu Casino with Chinese Food, then what else but drink and gamble a bit. Told Rachanee I was going to give her $100 per night to gamble…….her eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree! She has fun with it, one night at Hard Rock she wants to “throw the dice” OK….get to our turn at the table, good crowd, $10 min, puts $20 on the pass line, rolls a “Nine” so the point is 9 right? Previous to this she asked me why this one guy keeps yelling “33”? She said no 33 on the board. I told her that the point was 6, then if he rolls a “hard 6” which is both dice have to come up 3 and 3..he not only wins on the pass line for hitting his point, he also gets 9 to 1 payout, for this for rolling 3 and 3. She gets ready to roll on her 4th roll right? She yells out “Gao” the stickman and the pit boss look at me and I tell them “Oh, that’s Thai language for 9” They both laughed. 2 rolls later she rolls a nine and wins another $20….she was happy and so was the rest of the guys who played pass line or the field. By far, Hard Rock Casino had the best looking girls working there, there were 2 Philipino gals dealing Blackjack that were pretty fine for sure. The Casinos are pretty cool letting you take pics inside, just no pics allowed anywhere near the gaming tables, but anywhere near the slot machines are fair game with no hassles. Security guys helped us take a few pics….cool dudes. On Friday night we hit “Opal” nightclub at Montbleu Casino, $15 cover for guys, girls get in free. No cameras allowed as they have topless Go Go dancers who not all night, but at some points in the evening, drop their tops for a song or two. Security guys are cool, check your camera in for you no charge. This Fri evening was “80’s funk/disco” night” Play that funky music…white boy…..right up my alley LOL! Forgot how good all those tunes sounded….especially buzzed! Nice looking girls doing bottle service and a good crowd of ladies over all there. Crown Royal and Seven Up was $15 per drink well poured, wifey had Corona at $12 per. Great trip and Lake Tahoe still fun after all these years.
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