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  1. I like Viet Coffee....is he playing? LOL! Next....
  2. Yessongs


    If anyone cares, Jared Goff the last 2 weeks has looked like an NFL QB!! Except the pick 6 last night................. we're still in the hunt! 😄
  3. Hope you get better buddy, I was worried wifey here might get some sort of flu. Like yourself, the changing weather patterns for her being used to the humidity year around there with the now fall weather here, had me worried. Nothing yet...she drinks apple cider vinegar and a bunch of "Thai stuff" she buys at the local Asian market. Your wife try to get you to drink some of this god awful stuff they ingest? Hate to ruin the party here, but god I cannot rememeber the last time I had any flu or anything of the like. With that said though, I got an e-mail from my Doctor last week I have seen once last Feb for a yearly physical and blood work right? All is well. She did tell me though that I should at my age, consider a flu shot. I have never had one, just lucky I guess? Said Ok I will come by last Thursday and listen to her "speech" She tells me that Influenza is running high this year so far. Ok, she asked me if I ever heard of this band called "Kiss" and did I know who Paul Stanley is? Now mind you, this gal was born in India, came here when she was 7 years old, decided Medicine was for her and went to Stanford Medical School and did her residency at Baylor in Texas. She said all the Doctors in the world get these findings/dissertations from the CDC and used Paul Stanley as a case example last month for Influenza. Why is that? He did not get a flu shot in Nov as recommended and got Influenza. They had to cancel all of their Australian tour and had to give refunds to everyone. He is 67 years old. I got one and my left arm is still hurting.......piece of mind is important these days. https://www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/Music/2019/11/14/Kiss-cancels-Australian-tour-due-to-Paul-Stanleys-illness/3221573748867/
  4. Listen here Mr. Don, I just want to make it perfectly clear, that I have "exclusive" rights to the BMW Moto girl. I am sending her 1k baht per month sponsorship money and she told me I am a " velly nice" guy. As you can clearly see, I am the only guy that she allows to have a picture taken with her......I am sure by me sending her 1k baht per month, she is honest when telling me she allows no one to take a picture with her except me. The Thai girls that work these shows, do not tell lies, they are not like the bar girls! You better also stay away from the "Isuzu" girl....I am warning you LOL! The BMW girl is cool....she is a student counselor at one of the local colleges and the Isuzu girl told me she works for her brothers Import/Export business and he lets her take time off to do these shows every year.
  5. @Pumpuynarak How about the BMW Moto girl? Is she "Brown" enough for you? LOL! How about the Honda girl?
  6. Yeah great pics JL, amazing how many you can fire off when walking around there for a few hours huh? Recognize a few of the darlings there, one gal is a model on "The Price is Right" show wifey and I were on. I'll be back there one day and look forward to this show again. Well done....This girl from Pioneer is quite popular, see that she was there and you got a pic of her.
  7. @john luke Hey, thanks for those pics, I know they have a show going on right now at Impact. Glad you had a good time, certainly for me, these shows are a good day out a few times a year. The one in July is off the hook. Bangkok Auto Salon Show. Good lord these girls washing the cars are quite attractive. Post up a few more when you have a chance.
  8. Nice set of pics JL..some real "beauties" there. Did you get any phone numbers or trade line account information? 💓
  9. Good on you Jambo, cardio is of the utmost importance these days......especially for all of us who are not getting any younger. Always been a "jogger" I don't think Usain Bolt has anyhting to worry about. Not to be a smart ass but.....for Thailand that track with the cushion foam looks pretty decent. Handling the humidity well huh? This is where I jog too and the wifey is a beast these days there, 7 days per week she runs here. High School is 2 blocks from the house, very convient. When I am there, you should see these kids run! Christ they lap me like they have 4 lungs and the pace they keep is off the chart. Keep up the good work.
  10. LOL! Seriously, I had t take a walk with her around the block at 8:00pm last night and it is 47 degrees here now. What did wifey like? The Yams.....those were 3rd on my list. Well Alan......I won't tell you what I "ate" after dinner for dessert, no pumpkin pie.........................but it was pretty good
  11. Well the wife and I put down some Turkey today, she said I did good. Dam I just can't believe how much I over eat during the holidays..cardio tomorrow at the High School LOL!
  12. She didn't like it, it didn't fit.....or both? LOL!
  13. Never bought anything online for wifey until last night, like most things for women, Black Friday or anytime, hope it fits is the big key. But...the return policy seems very favorable. 4-7 days will be on the doorstep. Any of you make an attempt to buy clothes on-line for your significant other? https://www.venus.com/viewproduct.aspx?BRANCH=7~72~5031~&ProductDisplayID=67413
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