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  1. @john luke Yeah the car show girls, always a great day out. They postponed the one here in June indefinitely.....I am velly sad
  2. Wifey and I have an appt with the Red Cross to give blood here locally at 11:00am Thursday. They have a big need for it here at the Hospitals, same in the The UK I will assume?
  3. What a shame, his blogs were good.
  4. Like most of you who are involved with a Thai gal, have very few Issues. She's pretty laid back, up for anything really. Likes new experiences etc. Show her some common sense respect and some love and it can be pretty good. She did tell me a few months ago " Sometimes you're kind of lazy" I don't think she really meant it I have a "mancave" too where I get to look at sports, forums, watch my 401k sink etc. LOL! I have friends here too and god only knows how they put up with who they are involved with.
  5. What a cluster f**k....I guess for those of us "in the know" we shouldn't be surprised. I am not coming back until it is better for sure. Sad as my wife has a niece graduating from Engineering School in Dec.....I hope it gets better and we will be back by then to attend this.
  6. Photo shoots in the house anyone? LOL! Yeah being confined to the house is not good but.....wifey buys new clothes, we have to take pics you know. But jogging at the High School everyday is still fun. I am going to live to be 100 hopefully 😄 The bathroom here at the house has been " worked over" a few times with a deep cleaning......it looks like one at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. I am hoping that I do not have to cancel our trip to Yosemite the first week of June....we like the mountains.
  7. Thanks again buddy for your excellent pics and narratives. Really a good read here considering all the shit going on in the world today, nice to get away from it and see other parts of the world. Well done...
  8. Outstanding report buddy, well done. Hotel pricing and a "wife for the night" certainly seem favorable. Great exchange rate for sure. Hotel looks clean. Tusker beer? Any good? Ok so along the lines of Bazles question and video. Cut to the chase....do you feel relatively safe there as a " Caucasian" as a general rule? How about the attitudes of the local guys there? They don't seem to mind "our types" taking their girls so to speak for a night? Glad you had a good time and made it back safely.
  9. Good to see I am not alone in learning Thai....I have never been so frustrated in my life at times LOL! Wifey teaches me back in Thailand and now with the current lock up, we work on it more here too. I am not fluent by any means, but like alot of you, I am getting a bit better. I find that I can speak Thai better, then I understand it. Some are the other way around, I feel so bad at times when people speak to me and I "strain" to understand what they are asking me. It seems to me too that they speak so friggan fast! One of the biggest surprises I found when living there was the amount of guys there, that speak fluently that are obviously not Thai. One friend at the gym told me he learned fluent Thai in 3 years and You Tube videos was a big help.......he just kept doing reps on a daily basis. I got was getting cocky one night downtown with friends in from USA right? Tried to order my dinner in Thai to this rather nice looking girl down at Nana. Big mistake, she told me though it was "cute" that I tried to tell her what I wanted. I struggle with the food groups big time. So wifey helps me and Fridays lesson consisted of these and many others: Fish..Po Pla Monkey...Lo Ling Horse..Mo Ma Teeth...Fo Fan Snake...Ngo Ngu I do know her cell# in Thai in case while there I get in trouble....Soon, Pad, Noong, Cee Cee Song, Jet, Hok, Hok, Jet. 😄
  10. A Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger from Burger King for only 89 baht? Not bad LOL!
  11. Not to be a "smart ass" or anything, but could you send me her picture and her line account information? I am getting $2,400 from Trump soon and I want to help other people not as fortunate as me......I'm Catholic too, that's the way we roll Blah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !
  12. Steve, seriously how do you do it buddy being so far away from your wife? Bedroom gymnastics? LOL! We like the after breakfast "cardio" here Just got an e-mail that the car show I was going to in June here, has been postponed......I was hoping Debbie Sath would be there again. Half Cambodian/Half El Salvadorian......would you?
  13. Like a lot of you, this is a tough one right now, not the "sit around the house type" in the least......just trying to get through it. My heart rate should be phenomenal, lot's of cardio and other power walks with wifey locally. The free weights at home have to do for now..dam I miss the gym. Bought a pull up bar and installed at the house. Usually do 10 at the gym, up to 15 here as had to give up some other training routines for the time being, so have a bit more energy to do a few more reps. I am starting to "oogle" some of the MILF'S in the neighborhood here as they walk their dogs down the street......I am "coy" about it though with such lines as "Oh, what type of dog is that"? I may need Jambos help LOL! Or how about " Well, how long have you lived in the neighborhood here"? Some real classic one liners huh?
  14. Mr. Trump will be probably " touting" this at the daily update today.....he is looking forward to starting the country back again on Easter. Man, I hope he is right.....he risks a big downfall if this back fires on him. It looks to me like this statement has a "caveat" that makes me still worry......that is that the " peak of deaths" will be three weeks from now, but does not imply that people cannot be infected anymore. Big difference the way I see it.
  15. @roomark I'm paranoid enough at the moment and lost my temper at the q in the supermarket yesterday at a fella who came and stood right next to a women at the cash desk, selfish ignorant fucks just the morning after Boris Johnson told us two metres apart if it's not your family (he wasn't) Yeah, I feel you here, went to " Whole Foods" yesterday with wifey, I could not believe the amount of people, they were not "family" to each other you know, literally standing 1 foot from each other just chatting away like nothing is going on, no mask on or anything. You know you just want to go over there and ask " WTF are you doing"? Unbelievable the stupidity of people in America. Heard one guy telling another that "You know, I think this is being overblown a lot, as a lot of the Doctors are saying there is still a very low probability of most people catching this" Jesus effing Christ! I know myself, I love my country here but......it just boggles the mind to see people acting so ignorant. Calif is 3rd in the USA with overall infections.
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