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  1. Not sure if the 8 year old Thai girl can, but this girl is quite popular doing covers songs. She's pretty good as you can see. She is French too.....maybe Thai Spice knows her LOL! I am always here to help.
  2. Always liked this one.....Chris Tucker is good " Oh my goodness, this place is off the hook" LOL!
  3. Back home here in the states, I am an avid fan of "Live PD" you get to see the best of the best, the good old USA has to offer with dirtbag criminals. Love it when they get caught!
  4. You're not alone Phantom, did it to me too. Queen concert shots Bangkok I was told. These....
  5. Realized back at home here, that my previous coffee machine "Mr Coffee" had lasted me like 15 years. Time to "upgrade" to a Cuisinart....along with a bulk pack of Raisin Bran from Costco. Sent this pic to wifey, she said I did good LOL!
  6. Nov 2005 stayed at The Hard Rock Hotel in Patts....7th floor view.
  7. Oh...………..you're welcome...………..and she plays drums.
  8. Have always said "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits" Good on you for staying the course and going through what you have been. Your young Son when he gets older, both you and Mom will tell him this is what Dad had gone through and.....because of you, he fought hard. Well done Lanzaland and nothing but the best to you going forward. Great update.
  9. Whoa tough crowd HD! LOL! So does that mean you would not go halves with me on buying her a nice set of "Tama" drums like Lars uses and for sure some " Zildjian" cymbals?
  10. Ray, for you for sure......put a "shrimp on the Barbie" and get a few cans of "Foster" down them.....the parties on! Only for you though....😋
  11. Ok, Ok, been spending a bit too much time on YouTube lately. Geez....I like this gal. I am sure Hetfield, Hammet and Trujillo might want her too l if Lars decides to retire LOL! Her IG page is not bad either...….Geez...… I am turning into the creepy old white guy on the Internet...….indeed it is "Sad but true" 😞 https://www.instagram.com/ayeon3131/
  12. I used to watch Kev in Thailand on occassion, hope he get through his challenge for sure. Sad, I do watch this guy on occassion, for obvious reasons LOL!
  13. Peter Gabriel indeed.......guy is a musical genius. 1978 solo tour in San Jose, Calif.....dam he was good. "Climbing up on Solsbury Hill, I can see the city lights"
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