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  1. Very sad news .. RIP Condolences to family and friends
  2. LOSO

    Phishing Scam

    Seems a never ending supply of these things! Had a few via email but seem to get more on my phone lately! Almost daily calls....most are obvious but I can see how people get pulled in
  3. Use mine for pretty much everything these days. Spotify, Youtube, News etc. SatNav, Camera for pics and video....they are so good these days, no need for a separate camera anymore.
  4. Superglue and Gaffer tape will soon sort that! 😎
  5. Just watched a movie called Ghost House. Set in Thailand, even has a scene filmed in Walking street in it! Not the greatest movie but I not too bad either 😊
  6. Hear about the forum via Jambo at secrets and it seems a pretty good forum from what I can see. Nice to see a lot move over here too 👍
  7. Cheers Jambo. Just signed up for this after seeing your post on Secrets forum. Hopefully a lot will come over too. Its been fun over there over the years. I learned so much there in the early days on my trips.
  8. Hi everyone! new on the board. Looking forward to getting to know people here and sharing experiences and ideas.
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