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  1. I just got 38.84 for Sterling at the TT in TukCom, so I guess that's the weekend rate.
  2. Yes, but why is it so strong, although the government won't shout it from the rooftops the Thai economy is in a bad way at the moment.
  3. We were lucky we moved out here when we did, at least we could afford to have sex back in those days. With the strong Baht nowadays I think I'd be more inclined to spend my holiday visiting temples rather than trying to persuade an 18 year old Gogo dancer to have a shag for 1500 Baht.
  4. 39.00 on XE at the moment, so a bit over 38.80 at TT. I was watching Sky News last night when they announced that Farage was standing his men down in all the constituencies the Conservatives won in 2017. Good news for an orderly Brexit, one would think, as well as minimising the risk of ending up with a Corbyn government. The Sky Fx ticker showed the pound up by almost a percentage point against the USD on the news, and 0.7% or 0.8% against the EUR. Yet the pound barely seemed to budge against the THB, and this morning it's up by maybe 15 satangs, or 0.4%. It was the same thing yesterday, the economy grew by 0.4% in Q3 so avoided a technical recession. Great news, but did it boost the pound against the Baht? Not a chance. Yet even a whispered rumour of a recession a few months ago was enough to send Sterling tumbling. It's going to take an awful lot of very good news indeed if the pound is ever going to get back above 40 Baht.
  5. What, no Prince Andrew in that poster, lmao?
  6. My GP back in the UK is a bit dubious about me spending so much time in Thailand. I told him that it's a much healthier option, there's no flu season out here, I swim every day, work in the garden, do a lot of walking and spend hours every day out of doors. Heck, I honestly can't even remember when the last time I had a cold was, it was so many years ago. If I was back in Britain I'd be huddling next to a radiator, not getting any exercise, and probably nursing a bottle of something very alcoholic to keep me warm. You don't need to be a doctor to know which is the healthier option, and your family doctor is supposed to have your health and well-being as his number-one priority. He's swallowed the argument thus far, anyway.
  7. And here's another highly unlikely one, but an excellent film all the same. The storyline (a couple engaged for years but getting no closer to marriage feel the need to add some spice to their love life via a threesome) is hardly original, and usually ends up a mess when it's been tackled before. In this case, though, they got it just right. There's an interesting chemistry between the two stars, and the woman, Lapkus, though hardly a stunning beauty, comes across as astoundingly sexy. and as the film proceeds, so she seems to get even more sex-filled, though nothing much ever really happens. It's really well done, funny and well-acted. I usually find that I'm with the audiences on RT rather than the critics, but in this rare case I think the pro's have got it spot-on at 91%. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_unicorn
  8. Toy Boy


    Eek! Have you done something you haven't told us about, lol? A customer who didn't pay his bin, maybe?
  9. No, O and OA are different types of visa with different requirements for their issue (e.g. an OA needs a criminal record check in your home country).
  10. I just thought he was blazing a trail on the Internet Of Things and needed all those remotes to control his carpets and wallpaper and saucepans and so on, lol.
  11. 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
  12. Now you're making me think maybe I should lose a remote or two...the GF seems to need the air con more than I do these days, lol
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