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  1. Well one thing's for sure, the days when we thought 50 Baht for a pound was a rip-off are well and truly over.
  2. Where's the Imm Office located there? I've only visited Sri Racha once to have a scan at the Samitivej hospital. We went there early PM which wasn't bad, but driving back south along Suk in the town around 4:00 was a nightmare, nothing but red lights that take forever to change and gridlocked with traffic. It took us over 30 minutes just to get from the hospital to the southern outskirts of the town. I only live 5 minutes away from Jomtien so things will have to get a lot worse before I venture to Sri Racha again.
  3. Proof that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at Thai Immigration, this is their official TM30 poster. TM30 needed for an overnight stay in another province in Thailand, but there's no mention of it being required if you leave the country. Fecking eejits.
  4. Yeah, I had the same thing with Big Jeff in the village where I live. He's on annual retirement extensions like myself and did a TM30 when he got back from a trip to England a few months ago. Well if you volunteer to do it, I don't suppose they're going to stop you. He kept on telling me when we met at the swimming pool that I'll have to pay a fine the next time I set foot in Immigration. Well I did a re-entry permit a week ago and there were no problems, no need to have done a TM30. Honestly, some farangs are worse than the Immigration cops at wanting to waste our time. .
  5. It's totally bizarre the way they're going about this. I'd guess that around 30 or 40 houses in the village where I live (out of 190) are owned by farangs via a company. So far, I've only heard of two people who've got this tax demand. Is it a lottery or what?
  6. Not only that but the Range Rover has some serious mechanical issues which won't be helped by the state of the roads in this country. https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/7995497/range-rovers-most-unreliable-car-suspension-brakes-problems-new-data/
  7. * Foggy throws himself from the 12th floor of his condo when the pound drops below 30 Baht. * Clegg gets knocked over and hideously mutilated by a Chinese tour bus while trying to cross Second Road on a pedestrian crossing. * Compo has three stiletto heels embedded in his skull by angry ladyboys on Soi 6.1 when he tries to run away rather than paying for their services in an upstairs room. The possibilities are endless.....
  8. " But they warn that capital controls also have long-lasting adverse consequences, affecting the country’s economic credibility and financial markets. " Why? They introduced them around a decade ago, limiting individuals to bringing in a maximum of $20K at a time, and I didn't notice any long-term damage.
  9. Happy birthday, or anniversary, or whatever. 😎
  10. Not very effective if you've got a dodgy stomach and let loose with a brown blaster. It goes everywhere, the floor, the walls, and there's no bum gun to clean the mess up. Happened to me many years ago at a filling station during a visa run to Cambo. You did not want to be the next customer in that bog, I can assure you.
  11. Tesco's Finest jumbo cod fish fingers with garden peas and bread & butter. Simple but satisfying. Lotus has been out of the jumbo fish fingers for a while now and I'm starting to run low.
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