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  1. I love the honey-roast ones they sell in the convenience stores here. Can't say I've noticed them lowering my blood sugar levels though, never mind increasing my testosterone.
  2. Toy Boy


    My first trip there was 15 years ago and I loved the place, but even back then there were signs that things were changing for the worse. Blue Mountain only had a couple of houses left on it by then, the rest were being closed down by the cops. I don't suppose there's a single house of pleasure left up there now. I had friends who'd been visiting there for longer and they said it was a pale shadow of what once was, and this is in 2004. On my last visit, I think it was 2007, the Chinese invasion had already started. There was a massive new hotel (and casino I guess) that had been given one of the beaches as its own private property. The most expensive hotel had recently opened up on a small island catering to Chinese tourists (and businessmen, I guess), the most expensive room ran to a cool $2000 a night. And this in a country utterly mired in poverty. My first visit coincided with a serious crackdown on armed crime, I was only near one incident involving a gun on that trip at the Fisherman's Den rooftop bar run by Kiwi Brian. The other trips there were no gun incidents, and I appreciated the improved safety. I guess they already knew the Chinese were coming and they would be scared off if there was any untoward shooting so they must have decided to stop it altogether.
  3. Whitsun too, though the godless politicians have gerrymandered that into the spring bank holiday nowadays.
  4. Toy Boy


    The Chinese are trying to get access to the Cambodian naval base at Ream, just down the coast from Snooky, which is worrying the Americans.
  5. The cops could also try Wonderful 3 bar in Jomtien, home of the Thorsmen MC club, as well as entertaining several others, especially on a Wednesday afternoon if anybody's listening at Soi 9. Hello, hello, is anybody there? I'm sure they're nice enough guys, and they may even raise money for charity, but the noise their hogs make is intolerable. And, of course, they know it and make sure that everybody else for half a mile around knows it too.
  6. the impression I get from posts on this thread and elsewhere over the last couple of days is that nothing much has changed in the way people are dressing since that sign was put up. SO my smart-beach resort-casual style when I go there should still be OK. Got to get a re-entry permit by September, hopefully it'll all have died down by then and the sign will have blown away if we get a halfway decent storm.
  7. One of the reasons some of us moved to live in Thailand many years ago was the laissez-faire way that the Thai bureaucracy treated the rules. As long as you didn't murder anybody, sell drugs, or insult the monarchy nobody seemed to much care what you did. Now, between fingerprinting you at the airport when you arrive and the never-ending paperwork and hassle of Immigration to stay here it's becoming more trouble than it's worth. What's so special about Thailand after all? There are plenty of warm, friendly places in SEA where your money will go a lot further than it does in Thailand. And as for Pattaya, I used to love a slow stroll along Walking Street in the evening, stopping off at a few bars and Gogo's along the way to catch up with people. I was in there last night and with the hordes of Chinese I can't walk along the street any more, it turns me right off and I'd sooner just cut across to Second Road and take a motorbike taxi home than spend another minute on Walking Street. This place is not what it once was, some will say it's changed for the better, but I'm not one of them.
  8. Seems to be getting worse and worse. One of the most experienced mods on Thai Visa, Sheryl, who looks after the health & medicine forum amongst others, and is really helpful and knows here stuff, went for her 15th retirement extension in Prachinburi and was evidently gobsmacked by what they're asking for now. This is the link to her story, not as bad as Jambo's experience in Jomtien maybe, but still way OTT. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1110792-retirement-extension-800k-at-prachinburi-imm-new-requirements/
  9. Yes, I think you're right, but if you've invested, say, 7 million Baht in a house or condo and spent years doing it up to suit your taste, if you've spent a million Baht or more on a car and motorbike, plus if you've got a wife and possibly kids, or even just a steady girlfriend, and lots of farang friends and acquaintances around the town, then it's not so easy just to up-sticks and move on. I'm comfortably settled here after 15 years, though I'm becoming dangerously cynical about the place. If I could move across to the Philippines painlessly I probably would, but as I said, it's not that easy for some of us.
  10. It seems to have gone the opposite way at Siam Commercial. My SCB ATM card is restricted to a maximum of 20K Baht per day. That's always suited me fine, and it was easy as the automated menu gave you various options like 2000 Baht, 10,000 Baht and 20,000 Baht, so you just needed to push the right button. They've now changed the menu so that 20,000 Baht is excluded but there's a button for 30,000 Baht now. My card doesn't allow that so I have to find the right menu to enter the 20,000 I want manually. Next time I visit SCB (once a year usually, for the 800K letter) I'll ask about increasing the daily limit to 30K Baht, not that I really need that much.
  11. Yellow and soft, definitely a Europhile, lol.
  12. Good job keeping your cool, mate, I'd have lost my rag completely, not that it would have done me any good. I can only say in way of consolation that it might have been worse, at least they gave you (eventually, I know!) a 60-day period of grace to sort things out. A few years ago I was renewing my retirement extension and there was an elderly Swiss guy who was also living here on retirement extensions, but somehow his 800K had dipped a little bit below that level. They were telling him flatly that he had to leave the country, they could not give him an extension, and the Swiss guy was practically in tears. Eventually that Belgian guy who used to work there came over and I heard them talking as I was sitting nearby, he was saying that this can be sorted out but it's going to cost a lot of money..... Then it was my turn at the counter and I missed the rest. Look on the bright side, you weren't deported or asked for 50K Baht for the privilege of staying in Amazing Thailand.
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