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  1. Eeek! Now you're bringing back memories I thought I'd forgotten. Around 12 or 13 years ago there was a story about some young guy who'd just arrived in Pattaya and rented a big bike. Probably well-juiced, he'd lost control of it at high speed in the wee hours of the morning. He was on Second Road approaching Big C in North Pattaya and just before it the road kinks a bit. He'd evidently missed that and gone at high speed over the pavement and straight into a concrete pylon, head first. He'd been wearing a helmet, but he struck the post face-on, and wherever I saw it, presumably on some local ne
  2. Yeah, and she's got a crash baby in front of her, it all looks safe as houses to me, lol.
  3. This is from the Times a few days back and it's quite interesting, three scenarios (best, medium and worst cases) for how things are going to develop. The_Times_-_Oct_24_2020-pages-11.pdf
  4. Too damn dry, I want the humidity back...
  5. Interesting graph from today's Economist. Never mind India, Brazil or the US of A, there's only one bad kid on the Covid block at the moment...
  6. I was actually shivering during my swim this morning, it wasn't especially cold but I think the sudden change in the weather has caused the usual cool, dry season lurgi to appear. The GF's 30km away, so I can't blame her for once, lol. Really, a couple of days ago we were getting heavy rain, and this afternoon the humidity in my garden was 35%, which is low by any standards. Now, where did I leave the Benylin and Strepsils...
  7. I'm not sure I want to know the answer to this, but where exactly do you guys keep your ATM cards to get the chip covered in so much gunk, lol?
  8. Why would a Chinese wanting a bit of sunshine and a some beach time bother putting up with all the rigmarole involved in getting into Thailand at the moment? Surely they'd just hop on an internal flight down to Hainan, which has beaches aplenty and is in the tropics. Something definitely fishy about this story.
  9. Unless I'm missing something, that's both tragic and stupid, since the virus presents hardly any risk to the young.
  10. Cool day in spite of the sun, and some northerly breezes. My handyman reckons the cool season is here, at least for the moment. I think the humidity's still too high for that, though. Plus it would be around five or six weeks earlier than usual.
  11. Welcome to Thailand, after 15 days confined in a hotel room at no inconsiderable expense, you may now jump through Immigration's ever-changing hoops.
  12. I read that Indonesia has kindly volunteered to act as a global testing ground for any new vaccines, and will offer to use the population of Bali as vaccine lab rats. This will not be a voluntary programme for the residents. <tryingtostoplaughing>
  13. They don't seem to mind if you turn up a month late. That's what I did, anyway, and nobody said anything.
  14. A short, sharp storm just passed over the city from north to south. We could use a few more like that.
  15. Yes, the Chinese certainly seem to think it's both real and a threat, they just locked down Qingdao, a city of nine million people. But I'm sure TS can explain to Chairman Xi why it's all a hoax, a conspiracy and a complete waste of time. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-54504785
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