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  1. I was in an agent's this afternoon and a German couple came in looking for some way to stay here after the end of July. The agent has no idea, of course, if the amnesty will be extended, but his advice to them was to apply for a 90-day medical visa. He also said that they should do it ASAP, as Immigration is getting quite tense at the moment and changing the rules frequently. Meanwhile, across the road my new neighbours who've been stuck here since March think that a volunteer visa is the way to go, though at 40K Baht it sounds like an expensive option. Anyway, it's good to see that there are numerous possibilities for people who need them.
  2. That's disappointing, I thought the Thais had things sewn up pretty tight, but evidently not.
  3. Yeah, I can sympathise with people who'd rather spend their time in Thailand than back in the West, but many of these supposedly-trapped tourists will have to go back to their jobs sooner or later. I can imagine that they're dreading the day they get an e-mail from HQ saying their firm's opening up again and they should report for duty ASAP. The problem is that a lot of them might not have a job to go back to the way things are going. At least if you're back home and pestering your boss or HR to find out when work is starting again, they won't have forgotten about you. Claiming you're trapped in Thailand when you're not might be taken as a lack of loyalty or interest in your work. But just as a lot of the younger people haven't really taken the virus seriously, I don't think many of them understand what is going to happen to the job market later in the year.
  4. If the amnesty end is announced early enough to give them time, some of them will no doubt try and get a new visa to allow them to stay here longer. I don't know how hard it is to get an ED visa these days, but for those under 50 that might be an option?
  5. My betting is that they'll relent in the end and come up with some sort of money-making fix that will give you, say, a 30-day extension in exchange for a few thousand Baht. I find it hard to imagine them being so generous again and extending the amnesty without making a bent satang out of it, that's just not the Thai way.
  6. I agree, I enjoy a Richmond thick pork sausage with the beans, but this fancy "fusion food" just isn't as good as the real McCoy.
  7. If you can find what you're looking for elsewhere, via Google say, you can always just copy the location and then paste it into your post as a url. The trouble I find is that the old emoticons on Secrets and other boards were small and a little bit subtle, whereas nowadays it all seems to be emojis that are the size of a dinner plate and as subtle as an elephant's fart.
  8. There's nothing better than beans on toast!
  9. The village where I live in South Pattaya has a spare swimming pool that hasn't been used in at least a decade. It belongs to the developer rather than the HOA, so there's nothing much we can do about it. We apply what pressure we can on the developer to clean it up every year, and every year they ignore us. So when the dry season arrives the village pays to pump out all the accumulated rain water, and until the rains start in earnest it's pretty much empty. I was surprised yesterday when I happened to take a look and see that it was almost half-full again. There's nothing feeding water in, so that's just what's fallen from the sky like it's a giant rain gauge. Must be a couple of feet deep by now, I didn't think we'd had that much rain yet, but it explains why Mabprachan is starting to look a lot healthier.
  10. I've no idea about the bars as I've become a Covid hermit [rolleyes], but the roads were very busy yesterday afternoon, long queues at junctions in the Jomtien area (I was heading out to Makro the long way around). I preferred it during the lockdown!
  11. Had around half an inch of the wet stuff here last night, most welcome as the gardeners had been around during the day to give the garden a short back-and-sides.
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