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  1. 555........did Air Scotland ever exist or is that a figment of someone’s imagination
  2. Slowly but surely the penny is dropping here in the UK. 1st quarter economy shrinks by 2%. Bearing in mind the lockdown started right at the end of The quarter. The second quarters results are going to be the worst in living memory. Millions of people are currently furloughed and are being paid 80% of salary up to GBP2500, which has extended till the end of Oct. Some people are becoming increasingly comfortable with this seeing it as a long break. Wait till they are asked to return to work, that is if their job is still there. By extending the furlough scheme with no realistic plan of how to
  3. So many good war movies.....ice cold in Alex......could just murder a nice cold 🍺 right now
  4. What’s catastrophic is the damage being done to the economy’s of the world. The resulting depression which will follow this will ruin millions of people’s lives for a very long time. Politicians need to think long and hard on what actions they are endorsing. I agree the choices or not easy and don’t sit comfortably with some, but they have to manage/govern that’s the mandate they have been given. However the public’s memory is very short. It’s all well sitting at home being paid 80% salary doing nothing The crunch will be when they are expected to return to work, many will find they have no jo
  5. Just reading in order to play golf in Chonburi while the Covid19 crisis is ongoing foreigners will need to show current passport with an entry stamp showing at least 14 days entry before the game of golf. Currently as there are no international arrivals it should not be a problem. The problem will arise as and when international arrivals start up again with people expecting to be able to play golf. If the new ruling is still current i.e 14 day quarantine. If you main purpose is to come and play golf it will not be worth travelling. Suppose it will give you more time to monger if the girls retu
  6. F**k that........what a load of shit that is. If that’s the way forward I would rather do without. If you are allowed to meet in public like in the video meet at home. I would rather have a few friends round sit in the garden and enjoy ourselves. What is the f**kin point of that stupid bubble. For any entrepreneurs out there could be good time to set up a greenhouse company.
  7. Wrong......most airlines are now downsizing rapidly, reducing fleet size and headcount by 20+%.. not all airlines have the cash reserves to come out of this. The airframes are being scrapped the workforce won’t be back any time soon. What will happen is after the initial glut of cheap fares to get cash flow moving, airfares will rise and will eventually be much higher than you are paying now. There will fewer flights with airlines operating smaller more fuel efficient aircraft. It will be 2 to 3 years before you see airlines starting to expand again.
  8. Virgin to close London Gatwick and focus on Heathrow and Manchester, also merge Virgin holidays into Virgin Atlantic resulting in over 3000 job loses. Add this to 12000 from BA another 3000 from Ryanair plus 8000 from Rolls Royce. The Virgin announcement is based on finding a buyer by the end of May. If no buyer looks like they could be gone with more additional loses. This is all so tragic for all concerned but has been man made by some extremely poor political decisions. Major policies announced before all facts and figures had been collated. 1 scientists whose figures were so way off the m
  9. Just seen on the BBC news a passenger on board an Aer Lingus flight complaining about lack of social distance, the flight was practically full from Belfast to Heathrow. WTF does he expect a special aircraft all to himself on a £40 ticket. If he was that bothered about social distancing then he should stay at home in his bubble as per government instructions. I have had enough of it now. We are committing economic suicide, the repercussions will be felt for a long long time after this episode has finally finished. Our civil liberties and freedoms are being taken away. Being told that the
  10. Same goes for Baker on bass.....passed away before Layne again caught up by the grip of H
  11. Absolutely amazing...saw Layne twice in AIC in 93 awesome......shame he couldn’t stay away from the H a true legend......RIP Layne
  12. I fully understand the rationale behind the current plans. Currently there are 1000s of spare beds available the Knightingale hospitals have hardly been used. The vast majority of Covid cases do not require hospital treatment. As I stated there needs to be a way to focus on keeping the vulnerable groups safe while starting the economy. If the economy stops tax receipts and NI contribution diminish without these funds the NHS disappears.
  13. The longer this drags on the worse it will become, it will take an age for the economy to recover to 2019 levels and return to positive growth. This virus does not seem to be going away any time soon. All the current plans seem to be on the premise of creating a viable vaccine. If no vaccine is found are we to be kept in lockdown, economic stagnation, unemployment. this is worse than letting the virus run it’s course Plans need to be made with Covid 19 in our everyday lives like Flu or other viruses we are susceptible to. My Current feelings are we are destroying the aspirations of our f
  14. Can’t believe this country. Just wheeled out that maggot Tony Blair on the BBC for his expert opinion on the Covid virus and exit strategy. This man should be standing trial for war crimes for the ridiculous wars he dragged the country through. I never want to see this bloke again unless he is in the dock in front of a judge and jury.
  15. I am totally fed up hearing and reading about this. Our politicians are f***ing useless. The London mayor for all the use he has been in his 4 year term, is now saying he thinks we should be wearing masks compulsory. Christ sake can’t even get PPE for the health service never mind 60 million population. As for coming out of this mess I am slowly starting to change my mind. When we do emerge from this mess, the economy is going to f***ed for a generation. If you thought the teenagers of today are disillusioned, wait till the next generation bear the brunt of the tax rises. Like to see them
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