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  1. You must lead a sheltered life while in Pattaya then.
  2. I've driven both, and both very nice cars. The S6 was one of the nicest cars I've ever driven and I've driven almost everything, I was a partner in a business moving prestige cars for BCA Auctions. Days like this made it all worthwhile. WP_20151029_009_Trim.mp4
  3. Old Audi S6 had the same 5.2 V10 engine as the Gallardo.
  4. He's got a couple in the freezer or are you talking about the studs?
  5. You cant talk about Yorkshire without mentioning Yorkshire Airways
  6. Mumbai when I was there 12 years ago, I got stuck there for 12 hours, for about 8 hours it seemed like I was the only passenger in the airport.
  7. Lazy fucker, you could put your shoes on and walk.
  8. The new, improved formula works better in Thailand.
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