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  1. Steelers4Life

    Sandals and socks

    If you need an example, here ya go ... Justin Bieber and David Beckham (enough said)
  2. Steelers4Life

    Sandals and socks

    Never! Don't give a flying F about what's in fashion. It just looks plain ridiculous.
  3. Steelers4Life

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    No doubt -I am paying about 60 cents USD a liter. I spend about 7 dollars USD a week on gasoline with the Honda. Friends of mine with with V-8's spend 10-15 times that amount weekly.
  4. Steelers4Life

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    Nah, I don't fancy the Cherokee or Compass or any SUV TBH. I was just making a joke. I am a Honda person. I drive a 2005 Honda Accord. I bought it new and it has not once ever not started in -10 F to 105 F in 13 years. It's extremely reliable and gets great gas mileage. It's paid off and has only a mere 54K or so miles on it. I can get another 200K miles out of it easy, but will sell it when I retire.
  5. Steelers4Life

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 4x4 13 MPG The standard features of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk include HEMI 6.2L V-8 707hp supercharger engine, 8-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), integrated navigation system, side seat mounted airbags, curtain 1st and 2nd row overhead airbags, driver knee airbag, airbag occupancy sensor, automatic air conditioning, 20" forged aluminum wheels, cruise control, distance pacing, Selec-Trac ABS and driveline traction control.
  6. Steelers4Life

    Ever Broken A Bone?

    58 years and not one broken bone. Dislocated my thumb in Patts 2 years ago was the only injury. When I was much younger and more spry, I dislocated and broke a few jaws in some fisticuffs. Broke one guys arm. I used to fight in my 20's as I was good at at. If someone gave me shit, it was on at the drop of a hat. Have not been in a fight in 30 years as I have become really jai yen over time. Plus I have some expensive bridge work I don't want fucked up. :)
  7. Steelers4Life

    Scouser Lee is facing hard time.

    Stand still, laddie You! Yes, you scouser behind the bike shed Stand still, laddie
  8. Steelers4Life

    Scouser Lee is facing hard time.

    NO JAIL TIME FOR TOURISTS WHO VANDALIZED CHIANG MAI WALL Chiang Mai police on Saturday said the two tourists who vandalized a historic wall avoided jail time and will likely fly home after paying 100,000 baht fines. Col. Teerasak Sriprasert of Chiang Mai City police today said... https://pattayaone.news/en/vandalized-chiang-mai-wall/
  9. Steelers4Life

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    Just started watching this and like it so far. Anna Friel stars in the lead role of Marcella Backland, a British police detective working in contemporary London. Set in Rosenfeldt's unique style of "Nordic noir," the body of a missing child is discovered inside a wall and a task force is assembled to catch the killer.
  10. Steelers4Life

    I like them chubby

    We used to call it "hoggin" when we were younger back in the day.
  11. Steelers4Life

    Beside a fatty on a Bangkok flight?

    That's why I always get an exit row seat so I get up easily, escape, and walk around a bit if there is any humanoid that is sitting next to me that is unsavory. It's not the gargantuan whalelike 350+ lb fat f**ks that bother me as much as the stinky MOFOs whose body odor is so rancid that it would kill small children and animals. Easy solution for me is to also fly with Korean Air or another Asian carrier. The odds of a gigantor Asian sitting next to me are very, very low.
  12. Steelers4Life

    Are you SAD..?

    If you pay a psychiatrist enough money, they will make up some shit and tell you that you have something. Anxiety Disorder Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD) Bipolar Disorder Eating Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Panic Disorder Postpartum Depression Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Schizophrenia Seasonal Affective Disorder Social Anxiety Phobia Dissociative Disorders Depersonalization Disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder Feeding & Eating Disorders Anorexia Nervosa Binge Eating Disorder Sexual & Paraphilic Disorders Dyspareunia Exhibitionistic Disorder Fetishistic Disorder Frotteuristic Disorder Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder Transvestic Disorder Voyeuristic Disorder Sleep & Wake Disorders Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorder Insomnia Disorder Nightmare Disorder Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Arousal Disorder Childhood Mental Disorders Attachment Disorder Conduct Disorder Disorder of Written Expression Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder Expressive Language Disorder Mathematics Disorder Oppositional Defiant Disorder Reading Disorder Rumination Disorder Separation Anxiety Disorder Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder Stereotypic Movement Disorder Personality Disorder Antisocial Personality Disorder Avoidant Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder Dependent Personality Disorder Histrionic Personality Disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder Paranoid Personality Disorder Schizotypal Personality Disorder Acute Stress Disorder Adjustment Disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder Brief Psychotic Disorder Conversion Disorder Cyclothymic Disorder Delusional Disorder Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder Dysthymic Disorder Gaming Disorder Gender Dysphoria Hoarding Disorder Hypochondriasis (Illness Anxiety) Intermittent Explosive Disorder Major Neurocognitive Disorder Minor Neurocognitive Disorder Pain Disorder Pathological Gambling Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Psychotic Disorder Pyromania Reactive Attachment Disorder Schizoaffective Disorder Schizophreniform Disorder Shared Psychotic Disorder Somatic Symptom Disorder
  13. Steelers4Life

    Rain....A tribute to The Beatles.

    These "Beatles" you speak of -were they any good? I think I remember people mentioning them over the years.
  14. Steelers4Life

    What's your favourite takeaway

    555 She/he is just an added bonus. Nice LB that Cher and always treats the customers well.
  15. Steelers4Life

    What's your favourite takeaway

    I like the bolognese with extra sauce and extra Parmesan. (they grate real Parmesan on their dishes)