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  1. This movie is on Netflix. Really good watch. Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard's performance are top-notch.
  2. The Monsoon Restaurant and Cafe at the Adelphi Suites ( 6 Sukhumvit, Soi 8, Bangkok) Both Thai and Western meals are flawless at this place. Portions are rather large as well. Monsoon Restaurant and Cafe
  3. I find myself being based in Patts as of late, but spending less time there each 2 month stay. Been thinking lately about no base and splitting my time up between Patts, Phuket, Koh Samet and BKK for two months next stay. Not bored with Thailand really, but as of late been a bit bored with Patts.
  4. Steelers4Life


    Kaepernick won’t stand for the American flag, but has no problem taking a paycheck from a company that uses child labor and exploits minorities for their own personal gain and profit. The whole story that Colin was a poor kid, born to a single mother is a gigantic steaming pile of bullshit. I could give 2 shits about all his anthem crap as I am not offended at all by that. I just think he's a poser.
  5. I attribute my high blood pressure to stress in the States. (mostly job related) I am on two different meds for my high BP. A good reading in the States ranges from 130-135 over 90ish with meds. This past summer while I spent a few months in Thailand, I decided to do an experiment. I stopped taking my BP meds for 7 days. (possibly dangerous I know) So, on the 7th day I went to the hospital and had my BP checked. It was 117 over 78. I found that to be very interesting.
  6. My ex-wife went back to where she came from. (Jamaica) No contact since the divorce in 2001.
  7. "things back in the room that BGs surprise you with..." Getting on her mobile and ringing up a GF wondering if she can come over and participate.
  8. Let you in on a little secret Pump. I play guitar as well. (mostly acoustic, bit of electric-rhythm mainly) Taught myself how to play by ear 40 years ago. Love playing this song as well. (can't sing to save my life though) On a side note -Isn't it amazing how Winwood's voice is just as strong and spot on as it was back in the 60's?
  9. "But I'm near the end and I just ain't got the time And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home." I hope you found your way Ginger. RIP
  10. One thing to remember is Pattaya is not Thailand. Upcountry you get smiles all day long both from passerby's and service people. I think many in Patts are just miserable with their jobs from the get-go.
  11. I didn't go to my 40th High School reunion (or any) because all my friends from back then are either dead or in prison.
  12. IMO any person accused or convicted of a serious crime should be extradited and handed over to the jurisdiction of the foreign state in which the crime was committed. Diplomatic immunity is BS.
  13. Look at yourself in the mirror. If you didn't know you, how old would you guess you were? I just did and I think I am 50ish.
  14. Retired and doing volunteer work at a Thailand orphanage would be my dream job. 2 years and 10 months to go.
  15. Gripping 4 part mini-series that is a dramatization of the true story of the "Central Park Five" whereas five teens from Harlem became trapped in a nightmare when they're falsely accused of a brutal attack and rape in Central Park. I am on the 2nd episode in and it's pretty intense so far.
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