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  1. Steelers4Life


    Then again, bikers with mad skills can still have fun here in the States. They know the parameters. Check out the chick doing the wheelie in the beginning of the vid. Brilliant. Ok sorry, back to age.
  2. Steelers4Life


    Don't me wrong - there are dudes in my condo area with garages, fixing their bikes or restoring one. Love hanging out with these fellas and watching them work. Good times. Most bikers in the west have a way better grip on safety than Somchai 4 to a bike with no helmets in the LOS. I respect bikers here in the States, but not so much in the LOS and a few other SEA countries.
  3. Steelers4Life


    Same same Aside from dirt bikes as a kid, I have never driven a motorbike ever. I even stopped riding on motorbike taxis. Walking, baht busses, car taxis, Skytrain, etc. suit me just fine. I might just live a little longer. (Walking can still be dodgy at times depending on the area.)
  4. Thanks for the tip! I thought Opera was my fastest and most efficient browser. Not only does Brave block YouTube ads, Brave seems to play vids smoother than Opera, Chrome and FireFox. Fast Browser - Thanks
  5. I am from a rural area here in the U.S. so when I stay in Sida in Northern Korat, I don't feel so yancy.
  6. Well, Big Fat Festy has this on his page: You can help to improve this channel by getting a personalised "VLOG OFF!" just for you at the end of the next video by visiting here!! for monthly donations https://www.patreon.com/bigfatbesty or for a one off please use https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr... and the other dude has the same, so I think our high rollers here are not rolling that high.
  7. Steelers4Life


    Don't know about the UK. but here in the States they have more and more lawyers that represents the man's interests these days in Divorce Court. These lawyers specialize in going toe to toe with the female spouse's lawyer who can be overly aggressive towards the male spouse's assets. I would seek one of these type of pro-male oriented lawyers. BTW: Rip the band aid off - it's easier. Good luck!
  8. Just started watching season 1. Little late getting to this series. Keeps your attention. Good watch this far.
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