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  1. Steelers4Life


    I was not stunned. 😄
  2. Steelers4Life


  3. Steelers4Life


    Stevie Wonder could have seen that was pass interference by Coleman on Lewis late in the 4th quarter.
  4. Steelers4Life


    I am liking the Rams vs. Saints in this NFC Championship game. Liking the Chiefs vs. Pats in the AFC Championship game. I want to see young Goff vs. young Mahomes in the big dance. Can't have Brady get the Pats a 6th trophy to match our 6 Lombardi's. 😊
  5. Steelers4Life

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    I think this was mentioned on this thread, but I can't find it. I am halfway through this mini-series called "Manhunt" where London Metropolitan police detective Colin Sutton tracks down a serial killer. I am finding it enjoyable at the moment. Not sure if it's on Netflix but it's on ITV.
  6. Steelers4Life

    How Paranoid Are You?

    I have 0 stress level in Thailand and 0 paranoia that anyone is out to get me when I am there. Nothing has ever been posted on any forum have caused a disruption in my normal thought process. Thailand brings me joy both mentally and physically for 2 1/2 months every year. My blood pressure goes back to normal as soon as I step off the plane. In America on the other hand, I have a 6 stress level and a 7-8 paranoia level that I could be shot and killed in a mall, school, gas station, or my workplace at any given time. So all in all, I am jai yen maak maak leeuy in Thailand and in a few years I will be living there more than here.
  7. Steelers4Life

    Books --Author and series recommended by you

    I like John Sandford's "Prey Series". There are 29 of them. Murder mystery novels centered around a detective named Lucas Davenport. I also like British crime novelist John Burdett. His series of crime novels are mainly set in Bangkok. (i.e. Bangkok)
  8. Steelers4Life


    They are destroying the Chargers at 35 to 7 and it's not even halftime.
  9. Steelers4Life

    what funny things have you seen lately.

    Funny as f**k video. 555 Had to look up TV licenses in the UK as I had never heard of such a thing.
  10. Steelers4Life

    do you cook thai food at home

    No Asian International stores nearby me for the proper ingredients. Have a Thai restaurant nearby but the food is shit because they are Koreans portraying themselves as Thais. But the shit kickers where I live eat their slop as they don't know one Asian from the next.
  11. Steelers4Life


    I hope so - I sucked at 1-4 last weekend
  12. Steelers4Life


    AFC Divisional Round Chiefs over Colts Chargers over Patriots NFC Divisional Round Cowboys over Rams (sorry Yessongs) Saints over Eagles