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  1. I am extremely saddened by this terrible news. RIP Phil
  2. Plenty of TGs up in the temporary wife's village in Sida/Bua Yai who have never stepped foot in a red light district enthusiastic to meet a farang. I personally would look for an orphan with no kids who has her own home. 555 Good pickins upcountry if you are lucky.
  3. How do we do the same with PayPal to help your bar out? I am interested.
  4. Is this a see daaeng shirt uprising? The GF up in Northern Korat said the usual folks in her village who always make the trek down to BKK for these things haven't gone anywhere.
  5. I am selling it in a year and a half when I retire and move to SEA (hopefully if this current shit storm subsides a bit). You want to buy it? I"ll give ya a good deal on it my friend. 🙂
  6. I thought the flag was upside down. Only a trained eye will notice. 🙂
  7. A flicker of hope at best unfortunately. i guess it depends on how much clout the Minister of Tourism and Sports has with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Transport, and Ministry of Interior. I like his initiative.
  8. I have joked with TGs and BGs over the years when we pass a gold shop and they insinuate that they would love some "thaawng". i always told them, "f**k thaawng" jokingly right back at them. They always ask, "Do you saapeak -fak thaawng- or -f**k thaawng-? I'll then say, "laeo tae khun". 🙂
  9. I bought the boat from my father and keep it docked at his pier off his property. I am out on the Atlantic atm so you see less and less birds. The boat is a 22 foot pontoon.
  10. Good that you know a bit of plumbing. That kinda work here cost a fortune. It's sometimes $140 bucks just for them to show up. If I didn't have my nephew over the years who has a home improvement company, sort out my plumbing needs I'd be right f**Ked.
  11. Saw these legends 18 times in concert. The tail gate parties before an AB concert was half the sanook.
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