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  1. FYI - just a few articles below (many more with Google as your friend) benefits of pumpkin seeds for me pumpkin seeds better than viagra pumpkin seeds medical news today
  2. I have been eating a small bag a day for 2 months now. My blood sugar is down, (I am not diabetic, but I was on the fence -now not) my libido has improved and testosterone levels are up. No need for ED meds when you start a daily regiment of pumpkin seeds. Anybody else have any experiences with eating pumpkin seeds?
  3. I find this pic disturbing. The shoes don't match the outfit. WTF!
  4. I picked up a hitchhiker yesterday. He said, “Thanks for picking me up, but how do you know I’m not a serial killer?” I replied, “The odds of two serial killers being in the same car are statistically astronomical.”
  5. I have seen the same in Thailand -worse even. Hence ~ No multiple kicking when someone was down. That was not very intense IMO.
  6. So these Jews you speak of that frequented the pool, are they Orthodox or Hasidic? Just curious as I have not met many a Jews in the LOS. Maybe I am out of the loop.
  7. Went to Jollys for breakfast a few days ago for a change from cooking in the condo. I had not eaten there in a couple of years. So the temporary wife orders a simple mushroom soup and I order an English breakfast. I had a simple request to replace the fried eggs with an omelette. I asked the waitress did she understand and she said khao jai. She brings out my order and sitting on the plate was only a gigantor omelette that was so huge it hung off the sides of the plate. WTF? The cook shoved the bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and bits of toast inside the omelette. I was not angry, but I could stop laughing at this beast of an omelette. So the temporary wife politely takes the omelette and a menu over to the cook. I followed her as I wasn't going to miss out on this. She says to the cook in Thai, "P look at this photo of the English breakfast" and she covers the fried eggs with her finger and points to the omelette. Basically saying that you simply replace the fried eggs with the omelette. Not shove the entire English inside the omelette. We go back and sit down and the temporary wife just says in Thai, "pasaat". (small brain or brain is not working) We didn't have our phones with us for a photo unfortunately. P.S. I googled English breakfast omelette and apparently there is such a thing, but it's more of a quiche. (Not this monster I was served)
  8. gaaw dai at thaa thi baai dee
  9. He's lost a lot a weight compared to the photos I have seen of him on FB a couple of years ago. Never watch Vloggers much but he seems like a nice enough person. I hope it all works out for him. Just curious as how the life he chose gave him a tumor in his esophagus?
  10. Doesn't the Centara Azure Condos have a much larger pool with a slider and waterfall? Checked it out last year and the pool was rather large.
  11. I'll stick with betting on football and the occasional trip up to Atlantic City. If I am going to throw my money around and lose, at least I can blame myself, not some shyster farangs in SEA.
  12. Sida is a minor district of Bua Yai -basically just a small village and a bunch of farms. aka "The Sticks".
  13. I go up to Sida near Bui Yai in Nakhon Ratchasima to get away from farangs. Going up there next week for 4 days.
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