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Evil Penevil

La petite planète beside Tukcom

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La Petite Planète has been offering French food for many years now.  I don't when it opened, but I've enjoyed meals there since 2008. It's located about half-way down a sub soi that runs along the west side of Tukcom.  It's small and there's nothing fancy about it, but the food is excellent. For a  unpretentious bistro meal, La Petite Planète is a good choice. I've never had a bad meal there and plenty of truly good ones. It also features a limit menu of Thai food and the girls I've taken there who've sampled the Thai dishes gave it the thumbs up.


Last summer I took an American friend to LPP and he's become a huge fan.  He visits Pattaya three or four times a year and now eats at LPP several times each trip. Sunday night we had another meal there.  As usual, we both went for the three-course "mix-and-match" menu.  At 320 baht, it's excellent value for money. 


He started with the tomato soup ...


while I had the cous cous salad.



The starters came with a basket of warm, fresh French bread and pats of butter.


He chose salmon steak with potato croquettes as his main course ...



and I went with the chicken breast with mustard sauce.



For dessert, he decided on the French classic crème caramel ...


and I had raspberry pudding in a cake "frame."


No complaints from either of us on any of our choices.  All the dishes were prepared with quality ingredients, executed well and were full of flavor.  The mustard sauce was outstanding, the highlight of my meal.  La petite planète has conquered the bugbear of many small restaurants- inconsistency.   Every meal is good. I do wish they'd have a bit more variation with the vegetables- I get tired of the holy trinity of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots- but that's a very minor point.  To get three course of that quality for only 320 baht is an excellent deal.

Bottom line:  Both of us will be going back to LPP, probably this week.  One important point of information:  LPP is closed Tuesdays.


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