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The forum rules.

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The (forum) Thailand-247.com the service provided by this web site are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts. Content submitted express the views of their author only.


  1. The purpose of this forum is for members to share information and experiences and assisting other members where possible. The board also covers a wide variety of issues and areas.

  2. The rules of this board have been created to maximise the enjoyment of all members and promote the ’forum’ in a positive way.

  3. The moderating team will assist, but is not responsible for your  compliance with the rules.

Members Only Board

  1. The board is open only to members who have signed up with a user name, e-mail address and password

  2. Members must not disclose their password to others, nor must they reveal or disclose real names or other personal details of other members or their families/associates.

  3. Members must not disclose information or material on the board to either non-members or members who do not have access to the particular level on the forum. The moderating team take a serious view of this practice, which includes taking and distributing screen shots from the forum.

  4. If members have friends or associates wishing to join the forum, they should encourage them to join in their own right. 

  5. Members must report to the moderating team, any member who discloses material or information referred to in paragraph 6 above. 

  6. Any breach of paragraph 5 and 6 above will result in sanctions by the moderating team, including permanent or temporary suspension of the member’s account. 

Threatening, Abusive or Insulting or Otherwise Inappropriate Posts

  1. Members are encouraged to express their personal opinions on a variety of topics; however posts that are threatening, abusive, insulting or otherwise inappropriate to other members are not acceptable in any way.  Posts must be made in such a way that they address or rebut other members’ opinions and not be directed against the member (or his/her family/associates) personally.

  2. Members of other forums are welcome on this forum, as are constructive suggestions as to how the forum may be expanded and improved.  Any member, however, who posts materials on other media which are threatening, abusive or insulting to this forum or its members, or that bring this forum into disrepute, will be subject to action by the moderating team.

  3. Members must not post inane and non-relevant posts on a thread; this has the effect of totally distracting members from the main point of the thread. Persistent baiting of other members and petty bickering will not be tolerated.

  4. Any breach of paragraph 10, 11and 12 above will result in sanctions by the moderating team, including informal advice, warnings or reduction of the member to a lower level on the forum.  If necessary the moderation team will consider permanent or temporary suspension of the member’s account. 

New Members

  1. New members may have many questions, some of which will previously have been asked and answered on the board.  New members should be encouraged to use the search facility on the board before posting, however all members must show tolerance and where possible assist new members. 

  2. Members must ensure compliance with paragraph 10 if they find it necessary to challenge a new member asking questions which perhaps have been previously asked and answered. 

Disallowed Subjects

  1. Royal Families – Thai and others; this is to comply with Thai law. 

  2. Thailand Government and Police Services.  Posts showing disrespect or a negative sentiment towards the Thai Authorities and Institutions are specifically prohibited.

  3. Under aged sexual activity, paedophilia or similar.

  4. Illegal activity involving drugs. 

  5. Posts that are racist or targeted against any religious group.

  6. Any type of ‘Hate Speech’ targeted against minority groups. 

  7. Photographs of naked persons: these are photographs showing breasts, anal, penile or vaginal areas of the body.  Thai law is strict on this area and the authorities may monitor this and similar forums. Similarly taking 'Up Skirt' photographs have been made illegal in most of the UK. The legislation criminalises offenders who operate equipment  (irrespective as to whether an image is recorded) under another person’s clothing (without that person’s consent or a reasonable belief in their consent) with the intention of viewing, or enabling another person to view, their genitals or buttocks (with or without underwear), in circumstances where the genitals, buttocks or underwear would not otherwise be visible, where the purpose is to obtain sexual gratification or to cause humiliation, distress or alarm. This type of photograph is not allowed on the forum.  The moderation team will either edit or delete posts which breach paragraphs 16 to 22. 

  8.  Any breach of paragraph 16 to 22 above will result in sanctions by the moderating team, including informal advice, warnings or reduction of the member to a lower level on the board.  If necessary the moderation team will consider permanent or temporary suspension of the member’s account. 

Links and Quotes from other Sources

  1. Members should link newsworthy items only from reputable sources, where copyright restrictions allow.  If doing so some free text comment to support the news item is desirable.

  2. The moderating team will review such posts and may deem them to be  appropriate.  They will delete any  obviously  inappropriate posts, HOWEVER they are not liable for the content or expected to know that a Member has or doesnt have copy "rights" to the content, and the Member holds the board harmless  in the event that any copyright claim is applied by an outside source. 

  3. Posting of articles, photographs or other Images (copied or otherwise):  A Board member who posts any of the above acknowledges responsibility for and copy “Rights” to such articles, absolving the board and its operators and agreeing to” hold them harmless”   in any and all dispute, current or future.    Currently cutting and pasting a portion of an article to which you do not have any form of copy “rights” is allowed with the inclusion of credit and a link to the original article.   The Board member, in posting such items, affords the board usage of those article, photographs or similar in perpetuity to the extent that they may remain visible on the board but NOT be used by the board for any commercial gain outside of the forum. 

  4. The moderating team will evaluate such posts and where appropriate, edit, delete or request the poster adds details of the source.  Posters will accept responsibility for the contents of their posts and as far as relevant law permits will indemnify the owners of the forum in all respects.  If/when required by law to do so the forum owners will assist all legal authorities and disclose information to identify posters.

Use of Forum Features

  1. Members must use forum features such as formatting features and ‘smilies’ proportionately The excessive use of polls, large fonts and all capital letters must be avoided. 

  2. The forum is divided into a number of sections and members must make posts in the appropriate section.  Members may ask members of the moderation team to move posts from one section to another. 

  3. Liking a post is a good way to acknowledge the efforts of another board member; however members must be aware that by liking a post they are effectively endorsing any views expressed in that post. 

The Moderating Team

  1. The moderating team will continuously monitor posts on the board to ASSIST IN ensuring compliance with the forum rules.  They will edit or delete posts and may apply sanctions for non-compliance, if recognised,  as described above BUT without responsibility for approving or endorsing any or all posts on the forum

  2. The moderating team will exercise complete discretion as to whether they fully or partially discuss decisions on the board or privately utilising the Private Message system.  Decisions made by the moderating team will not normally be discussed on the open forum. 

Business Operators

  1. Business operators must not express derogatory or negative comments in respect of other similar businesses and in respect of their business or that of their competitors should restrict posts to those of a factual nature. There are specific rules for holders of business accounts and these must be followed by all parties.

Posting of Photographs on all Levels

  1. Members should not post photographs of an offensive nature or photographs of naked persons or 'Up Skirt' type photographs, on any level of the board. Paragraph 22 describes what is meant by these terms.

  2. The moderating team will review and delete photographs posted in contravention of paragraph 35 above.  They may also apply sanctions including informal advice, warnings or reduction of the member to a lower level on the board.  If necessary the moderation team will consider permanent or temporary suspension of the member’s account. 

  3. The moderating team will remove any photograph or link should any complaint or request be made by the relevant copyright holder or website owner. 

  4. Members generally should not post photographs unless they are the copyright holder or have permission to do so and in these cases acknowledgement of the copyright holder and/or website must be made.  The moderation team will address any breaches in this respect appropriately. 

  5. Members should be mindful that a great deal of effort is involved by other members taking, processing and posting photographs.  Any criticism of posted photographs must be constructive and politely expressed. 

Breach of Forum Rules

  1. The moderating team will address any breach of the forum rules proportionately and appropriately.  Sanctions include informal advice, warnings or reduction of the member to a lower level on the board.  If necessary the moderation team will consider permanent or temporary suspension of the member’s account.  They may also edit or delete the post or thread. 

  2. Members whose account is permanently suspended will not normally be allowed to re-join.  Members who have suspicion that a previously banned member has re-joined under a different name must inform the moderation team, who will address the matter appropriately. 

  3. Any member who believes that any thread or post is inappropriate or breaches forum rules must bring it to the attention of the moderating team. 

Elevation to Higher Levels

  1. The moderating team may elevate a member from Member to higher levels. 

  2. Elevation to VIP normally requires a member to be known to the moderating team. 

  3. Members who breach forum rules may be reduced from VIP to either Advanced or Member status or from Advanced to Member at the discretion of the moderating team on a permanent or temporary basis. 

Politics Club

  1. The politics club has been created to allow members to consider, discus and debate political issues.  The boundary between a political thread is not a clear one and the moderators will make decisions on moving threads in or out of the Politics club.  Their decision will be final and will not be discussed on open forums.  Posts in the Politics club will only show in the ‘new content’ list of those who are members of the club.

  2. All forum rules still apply to the Politics Club and indeed to all the forum clubs.  Posts in the forum club must be constructive and drafted in appropriate and clear language.  The concept of address the contents of a post and not the member is particularly relevant here.  Derogatory terms such as ‘leftard’ ‘libtard’  generally should not be used and must not be used to insult others who do not hold the same or similar political views as the poster.  Posters must also make clear that they are posting something of a factual nature as against their opinion.

Rule Changes

  1. Forum rules may be changed at any time and without notice.  Rule changes may be applied retrospectively.

- - - - - - -

Thailand-247.com forum rules set out above are considered part of these terms. The (forum) Thailand-247.com, the service provided by this web site is not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts. Content submitted express the views of their author only.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this service.

Use of the service constitutes acceptance of these terms. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.

The forum e-mail address = [email protected]


this document was last amended August 27 2022

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