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  1. BIG JOHN from secrets board arrived back in town yesterday so no doubt he,l be on here posting photo,s soon
  2. ive just downloaded itfrom pirate bay they have all four of them so i downloaded all four took 15 mins to download
  3. my mate [vic] larry kniws him renewed his visa on thurs and picked iy\t up yesterday from jontien they told him that as his is a non immigrant O he doesnt have to haveinsurancw only OA
  4. i got in touch with my first wife to let her know my brother had only a few weeks to live i told her to keep it personal as they hadnt yet informed all his family one hour later she put it on facw ebook saying she tought all his friends neded to know i called her a c**t and havent answered any messages since despite her sending apologies
  5. im cancelling mine when my current subscription runs out end of october 20 years ive been with themno la league no champions a n europa league det it all by streaming on my android device
  6. anyone know what is the avarage cost of being cremated in pattaya
  7. thanks a lot tony my will is lodged with magna carta
  8. just a couple of questions i have a thai will and leave all my assets to my long time partner[over 20 years] the only thing thatneeds sorting is my bank account [currently only one and is in my wil with account number] 1 how long roughly does probate take here in thailand 2 how much do they carge ie is it a percentage [3 percent in selling property eg] my will is over 10 years old and lodged with magna carta
  9. the only smoking bars i like are I SMOKE YOUR BANANA
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