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  1. Would be a fabulous read if skeeter actually replied to this post!!
  2. I was in Pattaya during the morning period for the previous King...... same midnight closing...... certain places opened mid afternoon, so I just started my evening at about 3pm...... it was actually a brilliant trip
  3. Depending how old you are....... one of the real old financial geniuses was saying this morning ......... people born after 1966 who haven’t retired yet, haven’t woken up to the fact that they are the real losers from COVID-19
  4. Pinoydave


    Ronnie seems to be like the majority of the rest of the country........ he hates this new normal..... and can’t work properly at the moment
  5. Years ago there was a bloke from Magna Carta Law who used to regularly post on the boards....... would be interesting to hear from him !
  6. A long time ago I was working with about 6 other foreigners in a vast control room for a power station in deepest China...... at the time I was suffering from Giardia. My farts STUNK the whole room with the worse eggy smell....I went round blaming the bloody Chinese!!!
  7. @Jambo great to see you still looking so good, glad you’re having a great time
  8. Made me so angry this morning when a female “expert” on the tv said as men’s suicides were increasing last year, coronavirus couldn’t be blamed
  9. The problem appears to be, most YouTubers are good for a handful of videos...... but too make any money they have to keep churning them out and they simply don’t live an interesting enough life
  10. Good on Weatherspoons, great PR and they clear stock and make a small profit
  11. Spent too much time on the iPad...... nothing left . Depressed at thought of a month lockdown during a cold, wet winter
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