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  1. I did exactly the same when I had my own company....... then my body rebelled and I ended up in hospital....... one doctor read the riot act to me.... wound up my business .... took some time off.....then got a dead end job and now as happy as a pig in poke
  2. Yeah mines on......... weirdly previously I’ve always made it to when the clocks change......... but I think I’ve had enough of this year
  3. I’d always assumed his trips were financed and/or organised by TAT....... as an IT guy at a load of schools I can’t see how he could afford all his trips....... if I’m right it’s a very astute investment from TAT (which probably means I am wrong!!)
  4. Sharm El Sheik ......
  5. For those of us back in Brum I find it hard to believe your finding it hard to get laid........ your little black book of numbers must be thicker than the yellow pages !!
  6. Wow....... great pictures....... shows us Brits a completely different America, our MSM don’t show us
  7. About time you wrote a “fictional” Management guru book ??? 555
  8. @misteregg well done for visiting, it really does make a difference, especially as he is in a foreign country which must confuse him even more....... when my wife had her stroke ALL her Filipino friends stopped visiting, broke her heart..... he’ll need his real friends
  9. Don’t worry they’ll forget to do any checks at UK airports!
  10. Don’t understand this obsession with having a modern road....... we want hidden away side streets and back alleys where we can be left alone..... sort out this road and we’ll find the council starting to think about making it more family friendly
  11. It’s just changing so quickly at the moment.... I think if I HAD to book a ticket, it would be for early next year..... but know I’m thinking it will be back to new normal much sooner..... possibly even September
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