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Small world.


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Sitting in a pub in Canada today,having an afternoon pint with a friend.

A woman walks through the pub,looks good,and I think she looks Thai.

We don’t have a lot of them here,so they stick out a bit.

She walks past and goes to the washroom.When she comes back I ask her in Thai,if she is Thai.

She is startled and says yes.Then walks back over to her table,and sits down.I can see her pointing at me,and her guy turns around.

i wave and walk over,introduce myself and tell her I have Thai wife.They are a super nice couple,he is a Canadian,and she has been here for a few months.

I find out that they only live around 2km away from my house so I invite them to pop in on the way back home.

Couple hours after,they pop in and the girls get yak yakking.

Well,it turns out that she is the ex of a guy that I’ve played golf with in Pattaya,hangs out at The Outback bar Soi Siam Country Club.

Funny,small world.
anyways,the girls are gonna go to the gym tomorrow and it looks like we have a couple of new friends.😁😁

Barry M,if you’re a member here,the ex missus was in me kitchen tonight.lololol.

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For the life of me I cant remember the name of the joint at the start of Soi Post Office (someone jump in) but the Girls were one of the original no knickers brigade. Used to have a little skirt wrapped around when drinking with the blokes afternoon joint more than evening place

Am talking around 1995 and this girl in their called Guy really liked me for whatever reason and we used to come out of TQ1 after a session and pop in her bar (it was run by big bloke called Peter...edited Las Vegas ?)....anyway over the course of couple years I give her a portion quite a few times and lost count how many times she was draped over me bollacky in the bar both of us pissed.....after couple years she's gone lol gone in one day "no guy left" no work

Fast forward 12 years and I'm attending a wedding reception lol.....theres this girl staring at me. Have hardly changed in 30 years so shes in no doubt, got her hand over her mouth and a look of utter anguish on her face lol

I was taken aback because like most Thais they hardly age and she must have only been 35 anyway at this time anyway......10 minutes later with me grinning to all and sundry (but obviously saying nothing) shes come hurtling over unbelievably  still remembering my name and begging me to say nothing (obviously I wouldnt)

I sat for 2 hours at that reception in London with a grin all over my face and till this day 13 years later still no one knows why lol thinking that flange was over me multiple times 😂

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About 4 years ago I met a girl that lived in Bangkok and worked as a hotel receptionist, we met via Thai Friendly. We were a "couple" for about 6 months and then finished, last time we spoke she'd met another English bloke that came from the North West of England, they ended up getting married.

In January this year I'm with a mate having a drink over here, he's from the North West of England and is married to a Thai so I asked him if they knew a Thai girl called N***y, she'd married a bloke called Mark, big tits, good English and is living up your way I believe ?

He just looked at me and almost turned white, turns out N***y is his next door neighbour in England and her and his Mrs get on really well.

Small world indeed.

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