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A trip to Shenzhen in China

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A few years ago Me & Puang planned a trip to Shenzhen and it was for mainly for business with some sight seeing thrown in.

We got a good deal with Air Asia from DMK to SZX 15'500 baht with insurance and luggage and we found a hotel right near to where We want to be in Shenzhen called the City Inn for just over 1'000 baht per night with breakfast but you don't get much in Shenzhen for your buck.

i've been to China before for work and i've been to a few cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Foshan city, so i know what to expect of china but its the first time to Shenzhen for me.

Well we left pattaya around 10:30 Friday morning to head to the Chinese embassy in Bangkok to collect my visa for china.

We made it in good time and it only took us an hour and 30 minutes to get there so we was early which I didn’t mind as in the mornings before it took us 2 hours and 30 minutes to get there with the traffic.

So we decided to do some window shopping and had a bite to eat then waited outside the Chinese Embassy for my visa and by this time it was 2:15pm so we only waited 45 minutes and I had my visa and off to the airport to catch our flight to Shenzhen, China

We found the old airport and the biggest problem is finding a parking space as all of them were taken, what a nightmare trying to park up and be in time for the plane.

We got a place after 30 minutes looking every where and headed into the airport, booked in and got on the flight full of Chinese pushing and shouting, they just don’t seam to have any order or manners when it comes to getting on to the plane and puang told me to wait but I was having none of it and took her by the arm and pulled her thru everyone that pushed in, I had a few looks but who cares I’m only doing what they do and if anyone said anything I’d just told them to do one…


The flight was ok and we was coming in to land and people was already getting there bags out from above and putting them at there feet so I guess this was the start of round 2, so I did the same and told puang to get ready but she was away with the clouds and my android tablet.

So the plane land and it was a free for all to get off the plane, so I jumps up and grabs my bag and puts puang behind me.

Now we are heading thru the airport to collect our bags and puang wants to take photos, I just wanted my bag…

So we heads out side after pushing off all the taxi scammers and head to the rank, now there’s 2 ranks when you walk out, one green and one red so we was in the green one after a while I checked we could be waiting for a taxi at the wrong place here… and yes we was… so we moved to the red taxi rank…

I said to puang we’d be waiting ages here, so I called over a man that tried his hardest to get us into his taxi.

I asked him how much and he said 300 I told him to do one and I’d only pay 150 that were too much but we’d be in a taxi in minutes instead of waiting hours.

He came back and asked for 200 I said no 150 and he walked away.

Ten minutes later he comes up to me and says ok then so we was on our way.

My first imprecations were the place looks very clean and well kept everywhere.

So after a 20 minute drive we pulled up at our hotel after the taxi man made about 5 calls to see where the hotel.

The taxi man started shouting when we pulled up at the hotel, so I said to puang get out and get the bag and I’ll pay, but I didn’t have any money on me but I wanted puang to grab the bag while I stalled the taxi driver and then I told puang to pay the drive, this way we both was out of the taxi and we had our bags.

She handed him the 150 and he continued to shout but we just paid and walked away.

The place we booked was on the net for 1000 baht per nigh free breakfast free Internet and TV.

Now the breakfast I wouldn’t feed to my dog if I had one and the TV I may as well unplug it and wheel it out into the corridor as its all Chinese and the internet was like it was in south Africa 10 years ago unless you use a Chinese search engine.

It was around 30 degrees here so walking around thru the day is a little bit like pattaya, I end up wet thru in no time but the nights are a little cooler.

The day starts with a few cups of tea as I always take my tea bags and the 3 in 1 chocolate, as you only need hot water.

Then it’s off to mc Donald’s for some breakfast, some sort of muffin I’ve not seen before but this is china.


Then we are out for the day, I’ve not eaten any food here that’s Chinese yet as every morning they wash all the food on the pavement before cooking in and I mean all..

Now for them into chinese ladies there’s plenty around and lots of smiles from the girls all over the place and there’s some crackers here.

There’s not in the bars as such and they don’t seam to be forward here but if you walk around there’s plenty hanging around every where in the malls out side the bars and discos.

I’ve been told the hotels don’t like it but I’ve seen plenty leaving my hotel in the morning.

We here’s just a few shots of our travels so far.

his is one of the massive trade markets here:-


Puang just couldn't help it.. she just wanted to take my photo of my holding her bag..


China and the Hong Kong border





Shopping, i've never seen so many people in one place...





Down town Shenzhen, there's a many western bars that do food and plenty of beers from Europe.

Shenzhen seams like a nice place there's plenty to do and see here, plenty of bars with many farangs living here.

English food is expensive but very good about 100 RMB for a good meal which is around 500 baht and the cost of a bottle of tiger is 35 RMB = 170 baht.

This place is called Coco Park and its everything western but at a price.

I would say the food is like what you would eat at the beefeater in pattaya, there's nothing like cheap bar food here and no place to eat breakfast.

If you drink in the chinese bars and discos its about 30% cheaper than the western bars.






Now Shenzhen is the IT capital of China and has become The Special Economic Zone and is relatively new but it still has a few old parts of how china was before the money came to Shenzhen.. 

Shenzhen might have become a symbol of a China careering towards modernity at full speed, but it is not without its traditional charm. 




just in case you are wanting a call out service or should I say a bit of company... calling cards / business cards are slipped under my hotel room door, one card has a few photo's of the girl and her number..

They post them thru the doors and wait in the hotel lobby for the phone to ring...


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On our trip one of the days was a public holiday in china so we just set out for some breakfast but this time it wasn’t going to be mc Donald’s as I promised puang I would try to tea something local…

So we found a nice clean place and I just took the chicken and rice puang had the pork and rice, now puang asked for hot eat and I know what hot tea is in china and its not the type I drink.

The food was good and for everything we paid 250 baht.



So we hooked up to the Internet and the only western search engine we can use is cn.bing.com, which searches in English and throws everything up in Chinese.

So I just typed in “top ten things to see in Shenzhen” and the kingkey100 tower came up so off we went, now this place is very nice and it’s the home of the St. Regis hotel, so you can have afternoon tea at the top for 200 RMB and I’ve got to say this hotel must be one of the best I’ve seen and I’ve stayed in some very nice places in my time.

The view is out of this world a 360 degrees view of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, puang was over the moon taken photo’s from almost every window and we was seated to have afternoon tea.

Here’s a few shots.







Testing the new zoom lens:















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15 minutes ago, Sherlock said:

Looks like a nice place. Is there any of old China still here, or is it all modern now?

Yes and its protected too a degree,

There's still many hand to hand buildings in Shenzhen which means you can shake hands with another person from a facing building.

All with Alleys on the ground floor food vendors and with all the chaos of china.

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Thanks for sharing your story and photos.

I have been to Shenzhen three times and it is my favorite Chinese city along with Beijing. 

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