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Politics Clubs

john luke

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Not long after the forum was started, there was a debate within the Mod/Admin team as regards 'Politics on the Forum.'  Clearly some members want it on the forum, whilst others do not.  There are also many shades of grey between those views.  

By way of a compromise, a decision was taken to use the 'Clubs' feature on the forum software and create a Club for Politics.  The Club is then divided into sections including Politics UK, Politics US, Politics EU and a number of others.  

This allows members to opt into the Politics Club if they want to see and/or participate in the various political discussions.

Membership of the Politics Club is open to all members.  To join please click on 'Clubs' on the menu, as shown below.


This will then take you to a number of clubs, including the Politics Club.



Members can click on the Join Club action button on the image as shown above.

Full details of the sections are shown below and there is another option there to Join Club.



Once you have clicked the Join button, the software notifies the moderators who will approve your membership of the club.

Political threads should be started in the approptiate Politics Club Section.  Quite a number of threads properly start in other sections of the forum but develop into Political threads; at this stage the moderation team move the thread into the appropriate Politics Club.

Please treat this as an invitation to join the Politics Club; alternatively if you do not want to see political threads do not join the Politics Club and your forum viewing should be politics free.

Any issues please contact any of the moderation team.



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