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5 minutes ago, Cleator said:

Are naked babe pics allowed on this forum? (Just asking for a friend😃)

Rule 22. 

Photographs of naked persons: these are photographs showing breasts, anal, penile or vaginal areas of the body.  Thai law is strict on this area and the authorities may monitor this and similar forums. Similarly taking 'Up Skirt' photographs have been made illegal in most of the UK. The legislation criminalises offenders who operate equipment  (irrespective as to whether an image is recorded) under another person’s clothing (without that person’s consent or a reasonable belief in their consent) with the intention of viewing, or enabling another person to view, their genitals or buttocks (with or without underwear), in circumstances where the genitals, buttocks or underwear would not otherwise be visible, where the purpose is to obtain sexual gratification or to cause humiliation, distress or alarm. This type of photograph is not allowed on the forum.  The moderation team will either edit or delete posts which breach paragraphs 16 to 22. 



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