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(Q) - LINE - Turning off Messages from "LINE STICKERS"


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I seldom buy additional Line Stickers. About 10 days ago I noticed one that I thought the Mrs. would like. It cost 100, which was how much I had sitting in my Line Coins, so I went ahead and bought it. A few days later I started receiving ad messages via Chat from an account named "LINE STICKERS". These jerks are sending me at least 6 messages a day. I turned off notifications for the chat, so at least my phone is not constantly beeping with regard to unwanted nonsense. 

I am unable to block the chat member. I have done numerous Google searches looking for a way to eliminate this unwanted spam. I get answers, but when I try to step through them they reference Line buttons that no longer exist, such as the "Message Room". My current approach is to just let these intrusions pile up and delete them en mass once a week. I would like to get to something better.

Anyone else who may have successfully eliminated this nuisance?

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