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  1. Kerry

    What are you drinking?

    A tipple for the boxing tonight
  2. Kerry

    Party Tourism

    Absolutely mate
  3. Kerry

    Party Tourism

    Echo that fella
  4. Kerry

    Iraq 2018

    Excellent TR . Cheers
  5. Kerry

    When in Thailand

    Mainly Sangsom
  6. Kerry

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    Good luck with the treatment
  7. Kerry

    Last Film You Saw

    Took me youngest to see Johnny English Strikes Again on Sunday. Not my cuppa a tea but he thought it was hilarious
  8. Kerry

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    A mate i have living in phuket , always requests i bring him tinned corn beef
  9. Spent an afternoon in Bang Lamung Hospital with an eye infection . They were as good as gold to be fair.
  10. Kerry

    Funny pics

  11. Kerry

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    I would murder that Gal
  12. Kerry

    Fast Cars and Hot Women

    Works for me ...cheers
  13. Kerry

    Funny pics

  14. Kerry

    Favourite sitcom character

    Al Bundy