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  1. Hey Phil, just sharing a memory/anecdote from Sugar Babies. You may remember this one. I was having a drink and a look and you introduced me to an english guy and we were having a good chat. Then a group of Chinese woman tourists (about 15) all came in together and sat down in a row on the upper tier. I got the idea to have one of the Sugar Baby girls, while BAREly clothed, to squeeze her way past them all in the row. You found the perfect girl who was willing for the modest tip of 100 Baht. She really played it up pretending to "fall" into the laps of several of the ladies. What was fu
  2. Really interesting discussion. As of July I am unemployed for the first time in my life. 41 years consisting of US Navy (6 years), Small company (2 Years), large Corporation (33 years). Since my first trip to Thailand in 2005 I have planned to spend some of my retirement in LOS. Currently working on re-locating here in the US and setting up a smaller home to spend 4-6 months a year with the rest in LOS, possibly purchase a condo in BKK, but obviously just rent at first for awhile. Now it looks like any plans for LOS are on hold for at least another year. Even just a 30 or 60 day holid
  3. In the terms 3G, 4G, 4GLTE, and 5G, the "G" is for Generation.
  4. I would only be impressed if the author had also predicted her own death (Nov 2013), in the same book. "If an Infinite number of monkeys type on an infinite number of keyboards, one will eventually write all the works of Shakespeare.'
  5. It seems inevitable a significant number of the Pattaya girls will head back home to North East Thailand. When there is NO money to be made from tourists, the less expensive cost of living back home will definitely "call" them home. I am wondering if enough will return to allow Pattaya to "Bounce Back". On the same thread, will North East Thailand be able to absorb this many people returning. And of course they are returning without hefty sums in their bank accounts.
  6. A young couple is out Golfing together on a weekday morning. The course is pretty empty as it's a weekday, so they are moving along pretty quickly. On the 7th hole they catch up to an older gentleman at the Tee box. Rather than just play through, the couple decide to join the man for a hole or two. After they tee off, with the older gentleman's tee shot out distancing the younger mans, the woman starts up a conversation as they walk down the fairway. "Do you always play alone?" "Oh no my dear, for twenty years, me and the wife played this course together almost every day." T
  7. Probably the Feng Shui Consultant recommended the new location...grin.
  8. Watch the video again and notice the clientele. All Asian, mostly young. If a western guy goes in there, he is totally ignored. It is actually fun to go in as a western guy and have all the girls do that thing where they look directly away from you as you walk around, looks like a bunch of mercats.
  9. You never lose the girl, you only lose your turn.
  10. Hello everyone, Just migrating over from he closing "Secrets" forum, trying to stay up with the news and happenings in Thailand. Jersey
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