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  1. I would choose Thai because it is my favourite and if I am using work vacation days for a 2 or 3 week holiday then a direct flight is worth the extra (I've no experience with EVA). If time is not an issue and I would be spending + 1 month in Thailand then Etihad would suit me fine. They used to be my airline of choice a few years back when there were no direct flights from my local airport.
  2. Just watched the second one - Ayutthaya and Kanchanburi. It is also on tomorrow evening (Thursday) when MP is in BKK.
  3. But since his visit to the purramedics he is feline mutt betta.......
  4. Atticus on Secrets, Atticus on here (new member here, 12 years BM on Shhh!!)
  5. Hello to all, I have been on Secrets Forum for 12 years, also known as Atticus over there. I have never been a prolific poster, though in the days of the Secrets 'Bangkok section' I posted a lot on there, with hotel / sightseeing recommendations and advice. I 'see' some familiar faces on here, Phil, Larry, Boydeste, Thai Spice, Moonfly (with a different handle) and many others. Cheers! Atticus
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