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  1. There is loads of English content on the Thai Netflix or you can use a VPN to access the British or USA Netflix. If any of your son’s already have accounts you get 5 logins for families per account so they could add you. Most relatively modern smart TVs have Netflix apps on them which is the best way to watch for me.
  2. Vinyl sounds so much better for older records, I miss the hiss and crackle from some old LPs that are gone from the CDs. A good quality vinyl LP played on a good deck deck sounds much nicer than a digital recording as nothing is chopped into bits.
  3. Had a good few hundred LPs stored at my Mum’s house, never found them when clearing out her house after she passed away, we reckon she gave them away to some ‘charity’ folk that came knocking at her door. There was loads of our family stuff missing, she suffered from severe dementia at the end and we think some real low life’s had made repeat visits to clear her out.
  4. Maybe nicer with some frogs and snails instead of the beans on top 😁
  5. Also lovely if you swap the cheese for poached eggs 👍
  6. No, it has always just done it.
  7. Same, except I get an email every time I (or anyone) log in, which I think is good.
  8. Wonder how much this is to do with Covid-19 and how much it has to do with increasing protests in BKK.
  9. Flew on PIA once, Islamabad to Karachi. Genuinely people brought on live chickens wrapped up with just their heads sticking out, people standing up when taking off, a few groups set up ‘picnics’ in the aisle so they could eat together. Completely bizzare and wouldn’t do it again through choice.
  10. Using a VPN to get UK version, watching Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, never seen any of his stuff before, what a cool dude he was.
  11. I think that’s called ‘ living life’ 👍
  12. Doc Martin, never seen it before, must be getting old as really enjoying it.
  13. Just done mine in Map Ta Phut, 2 minutes.
  14. I’ll go down to my immigration office in Map Ta Phut on Thursday just check, normally very quiet there anyway
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