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  1. Why do you think it is YouTube ? Does YouTube do the same on other devices for you ?
  2. What, paying for a service ? They will take as much info from you on the free or paid version.
  3. I know, those folks who think it should NEVER be criticised really are a-holes, really similar to those who CONTINUALLY criticise it .... 😄
  4. I’m sure you can sign up for a free trial and see if you think the improvements are worth the cost.
  5. It’s a couple of dollars, not something I can be concerned about for what I consider is a good service. They can do what the f**k they like with my data as long as they don’t steal any money from me or impact my life in any meaningful way. Market forces, if they get too expensive another service will soon be along to fill the space.
  6. I play a lot of YouTube music through a decent amp and speakers optically linked to the TV. I’ve never noticed any channel drop out on the free or paid version. If you play YouTube on your phone with headphones on does the same happen ?
  7. I pay for the Premium YouTube, it’s only about 99 or 129 baht per month and seems more content, especially Music and no adverts.
  8. Have you tried a bit of WD40 on it, fixes most things 😎
  9. Does YouTube do the same on other stereo devices you own ? Do other music formats play ok on your computer ie MP3 ? Do other music websites accessed through your browser play ok ? The answers to those 3 should at least localise the problem 😎
  10. They do work at extending the range of the Wi-Fi, they just receive the signal and then repeat it out again. I had 2 (upstairs and outside) but found the connection to them was slower than if connected to main router. They are ok but I was advised of a better solution, installed a Ubiquti AP ( Access point) to the router, really powerful signal, reaches everywhere on the property at high speed. Works much better for us.
  11. Kinda, You can log into a UK Netflix account from Thailand but the content you see is Netflix Thailand, if you log in from Thailand but use a VPN you can access Netflix UK content which has more UK orientated programs. There is still loads to watch on the Thai version, I very rarely use the UK one.
  12. It doesn’t matter where the account is from, it only depends on where you log in from or where you set your VPN to.
  13. Watched it yesterday, very good. Some big players from the industry exposing some scary stuff.
  14. Scotty


    Surge protectors should be an integral part of a good UPS, both over and under voltage and over current.
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