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Alcohol advertising


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On what type of content could cost you 50,000 to 500,000 baht in fines, Section 32 of the 2008 Alcoholic Beverage Control Act prohibits the following:

Posting a drink with the brand visible
Posting a bottle which makes it clear what brand it is
Encouraging people to drink
Posting properties of drinks
Showing appreciation or urging people to taste
Posting a beer glass with a brand on it
Translating news or writing about alcohol even though the drinks are not available in Thailand. Authorities view it could motivate people to fly to buy them.
While travelling, never post photos of alcohol drinks not sold in Thailand since it could make people crave them and try to buy them
Posting a gift with the logo or trademark of a drink even though the drink itself is not in the photo because it implies someone has bought the drinks.
It doesn’t matter when a post is made so long as it contains alcohol drinks, authorities can always charge you.
In any case, the Facebook user pointed out all of these depend on the discretion of officials. However, the official who fined him told him they were offered no incentives to do so.

Last week, a group of restaurateurs, drinks retailers and craft beer fans submitted a letter to seek help from Move Forward MPs who are on the public health House panel. They claimed some 400 restautaeurs were summonsed because they informed people in social media they had reopened after the Covid-19 lockdown and listed their menus.

One of them claimed he was called because he described a beverage as “well-known”.

“Officials say the word is an exaggeration and the law gives them too much leeway in exercising their discretion. This, as well as a large fine, prevents small operators to compete with large ones,” said Supapong Pruenglampu, their representative.

During the lockdown, several of them also faced legal action for trying to sell alcoholic beverages online.   

Section 32 of the 2008 Alcoholic Beverage Control Act no person may conduct an advertisement of an alcoholic beverage or express the name or sign of such beverage in a manner directly or indirectly claiming the existence of certain properties of or encouraging another to consume an alcoholic beverage.

The punishment is one year in jail and/or a fine not more than 500,000 baht, as well as a daily fine up to 50,000 baht until the offender fixes the problem.

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