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What happened?..........too much "Happy Birthday."


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Apparently a resident in our local village overdid his birthday celebration and drove his Fortuna straight on at the first bend in the road. He just missed a pole carrying every cable known to man but completely demolished the village "Summer House" and but for the debris would have ended up in the river.





Most of the village came out to celebrate and much Thai food was being enjoyed from the local street vendors.


That green fencing was being used to cover up an old open well which was right in the way of where it had to be dragged out.




                        All the "old dears" loved sitting under that "Summer House" which sadly is no more.🤣


                      The Fortuna fared a lot better and will live to run another day. Its driver, less so, and apparently in recovery mode in the monkey house. 🤣

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Well, that happened to me the last time I was in the States ...

Also, on my birthday .... was driving to the sea on Long Island ( ripped ) with a gal in the car trying to get my pants down

I spun off the road and into a pole .... we got out of the car and walked away ... no coppers involved ...


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