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EVA extends award mile validity.


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Email dropped in during the week, here's the edited version;

"However, many of your planned trips are postponed or cancelled because of the pandemic; in an effort to provide sufficient time for members to use Award Miles properly, EVA Air offers an Award Miles extension to June 2022, for those whose current validity ranges from July 2021 to May 2022.  In addition, EVA Air also launches various award redemptions and promotions now and then. You are welcomed to visit EVA Air official website and make the best of the offers on your Award Miles".

I've just looked at the EVA homepage, and looking at the prices they have on offer at the moment, it might be prudent to use any miles to discount the fare:

London - Bangkok from £878

Hope this is not a shape of things to come, that's more than double the economy fares pre covid.

Anyway, at least any accrued miles are safe until middle of next year, which is gracious of them I guess.

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I received this email a short while ago from EVA:

Dear member,           

As the impact of pandemic has lasted for years, we believe that you may be concerned that whether the benefits and privileges that you used to enjoy will be kept intact when embarking on your airborne journey again. As a token of our gratitude, we have extended the card tier validity for 24 months for Infinity MileageLands Diamond Card, Gold Card and Silver card members, whose original card tier expiry dates fall between 2022/08 and 2024/04. The new expiry dates will range from 2024/08 to 2026/04 after the extension.

For example, Original expiry date: 2022/08→2024/08 after the extension; Original expiry date: 2023/09→2025/09 after the extension; Original expiry date: 2024/04→2026/04 after the extension;

We hope that this validity extension can lift your spirits when planning your next trip with EVA Air being of your service, while enjoying the same benefits and privileges like it used to be.

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