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Just when you think you have heard it all Part 28


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I have been at the stage with Thailand for some years now where you could tell me almost anything about the place and I would simply shrug my shoulders, nothing really surprises me. However, a bloke I am working with showed me a post on his social media this week which certainly shocked him.

Women goes for a boob job (Pattaya or Phuket I think). Is sent home all bandaged up and is told she can remove the dressings in a couple of days time. So she goes home to her village and invites a couple of friends and family round for the big reveal. She is very happy with the new size but when she took off the bandages she was somewhat concerned to find she had no nipples - they had been removed.

Calls to the tit clinic go unanswered so she got a mate to go round there only to find the place is all shut down with no signs of any occupants.

Apparently there is a big market within the ladyboy sector for womens nipples, who knew?

Because I am a cynical bastard and again, nothing surprises me about happenings in Thailand anymore, I think there could well be an element of truth in the story.

What do you reckon?

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It is possible to remove the nipple and refit, women have cancer breast surgury can have the nipples removed, they are then grafted to the body and reattached to the breast 3-4 months after the original surgery.

So yes, it is possible but would be a bit extreme, also when having a boob job the surgery entails adding silicone into the underneath part of the breast, no where near the nipple.

So my money would be on that this a myth, but TIT! and you can take that with or without the nipple!

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