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Dogs love 7-11


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I was walking by this 7-11 near Friendship late afternoon yesterday and I saw this dog in front of 7-11 basking in the aircon.....I had to step over the dog to go in.....






I walk past this same 7-11 today early afternoon.....And there is a new dog soaking in the aircon....








It seems the white and black dog has the early afternoon 7-11 shift and the yellow dog takes the late afternoon shift at 7-11.....



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There used to be a gert big goat sleeping on various 7/11 steps on Khao Talo .. perhaps there still is, I haven't been up that way for some time ...

But as you say..7/11s seem quite popular with quite a few friendly soi dogs chillin'..

There was one old fella that used to use the Family Mart on Pattaya Tai, then cross Sukhumvit to the 7/11 by Soi Wat Dam. Clever bugger he was, waiting at the lights for them to change...Unlike the Indians and Russians !!! Sometimes he'd take a look up at me as if to say "Follow me, I know what I'm doing!"

Both shops are now closed so no idea where he is now !!

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A 7-11 was recently opened out here in Huay Yai on rt. 1008. This is a major happening. We now have a 7-11 within a 5 minute ride of our house, used to be 20 minutes. 🙂

We stopped over at the new 7-11 in order to pay the water bill a few weeks back and there was a dog who had figured out how to approach the door to get an air-con blast. He kept at it for 20 minutes (the Mrs was shopping) despite the counter lady yelling at him.

Sorry, I should have taken a pic.

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