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* Whispers...I went to a Nightwish bar...and had a great time...


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27 minutes ago, Butch said:

Confession time.

I'd sworn that I wouldn't step foot in a bar owned by the NWG, Purely on my own set of principals. (which are very quickly abandoned when money is involved).

However, I decided that cutting off my nose to spite my face maybe wasn't a good idea, something that I'd also come to realise by mistakenly stepping into a bar owned by another Pattaya businessman on Soi Chaiyapoon, which despite everything, turned out to be a cracking afternoon with a bar bill of less than 800 baht. That's £20 for 3 hours in a bar, chatting to girls, buying a couple of drinks and relaxing.

I did a 2 pass recce on the Soi before taking the plunge, mentally noting numbers, friendliness , how many times I was complimented on my manly physique and good looks, and decided to grasp the nettle and settled on visiting The Toy box close to the Beach Rd end of the Soi.

Sat down, served within about 30 seconds, ice cold San Mig light arrived less than a minute after I ordered it. Now, I really wanted an excuse to moan about the service, but I can't. Even the bloody service girl was nice. I counted at least 11 girls in the bar plus a manager who was chatting to another customer. The girls were of pretty good quality , dressed very well and all of them seemed to be fairly pro active in making eye contact, smiling and generally doing their job. I noticed a few fake tit jobs, several tattoos (which I really like) and a general happy atmosphere.

Now, we've heard a lot about "managers drinks" etc, but the manager paid me no attention and left me to enjoy my beer, while a very nice girl came up and asked to sit with me. We did the usual circuit of conversation, in which I told her my name was David Beckham which she called me out for lying , plus she didn't believe I was "daa raa porno" for some reason, but the conversation was fun and light hearted, and 3 LD's later she was still being very professional and doing her job very well indeed. To her credit she NEVER picked her phone up once or looked at it. She focused on me.

So, I'm still looking for a fault with Toy Box and thought that the toilets might offer a reason for me to whinge. Dammit, clean and tidy, even after my "assault" on the sit down porcelain.

I spent approx 2 hours in Toybox, purchased a few LD's plus my own and came out with change from 1200 baht. Happy.

Maybe I could moan about it being a "regular standard kind of bar" but that's an observation, it can't be a complaint. Service was 10/10, girls and attitude were 10/10, atmosphere was excellent, I didn't get "imposter syndrome" like some of us may get when venturing into a bar, prices were competitive , the place was clean, well laid out and a nice place to be in. No drifting cigarette or vape smoke, good fans, a nice place to observe the comings and goings.

I went in looking to pick fault and I really couldn't find any. I was welcomed, enjoyed my time there and dammit, have to admit that I made a gross error of judgement with regards to the NWG.

As customers, we focus heavily on the negatives. FWIW the NWG has a great selection of attractive girls on the Soi. They offer competitive prices for beer, LD's and clean, safe, comfortable bars to enjoy yourself in.

Not once was I approached by a manager asking for a drink, actually, not once was I approached by a manager apart from a nod of the head and a "hello mate".

In some ways I needed to see and understand the formula and why it works. I'm glad I did, because while the formula itself is simple, the delivery (which is what matters) is faultless.

Now, let me go bury my head in the sand again, so you won't be able to see my embarrassment.



Well done however I think it will be noted in the future of your poor performance in not buying a manager's drink. You may be blacklisted from all NWG bars.

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Nice read....is NWG that controversial still? Guys still boycotting etc? 

Like you, on a recent trip, had a great time with a few gals from Thermae..I was thinking to myself the minute we parked ourselves at the bar...how long would it be before they became bored to death with me and started looking at their phones? Instead they made me feel like a "rock star" ❤️

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