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Does any BM want a load of WW2 / WW1 Books?


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I've got a  load of books that I'm giving away, but I thought I'd give any BM's first dibs.

Last post 1x H/B and 1x P/B my Max Arthur

forgotten Voices of WW1 Max arthur

Lest we forget - Max Arthur

Somme Mud by EPE Lynch

Hell let loose Max Hastings

Auschwitz - Laurence Rees

The Ravens - Christopher Robbins (Vietnam)

Prisoners of the Japanese (Brilliant book - well worth a read) Gavan Davis

Burma 44 - James Holland.

non War / fiction / Cold War.

Shingle Street - James Hayward (a fictional account of an SS unit infiltrating an area which had the first Radar RAF Bawdsey, I know the area and the local geography and this could possibly have a hint of facts mixed up in fiction - have a google and see for yourself).

Under pressure  - Richard Humpreys (Cold War submarine life)

Legion of the damned - Sven Hassel (fiction, apparently).

The French Foreign Legion - Douglas Boyd - very well researched indeed, factually accurate but very heavy going. One or two slight errors in geography / deployment history / command structure but mostly very spot on. Definitely one for the Armchair and glass of wine on a winters evening. Very good information about the battle at Dien Bien Phu and the ensuing evacuation and clusterfuck due to poor leadership from Paris.

The KGB - Christopher Andrew - heavy going, but arguably the most comprehensive history of the KGB and GRU since day one. I've had this book 30 years and never managed to finish it despite trying my best.

Edit in***

If any BM's in Thailand want them, I can always leave them at my hotel reception for you to pick up with your name or reference on them at your leisure . I'll be staying at the page 10 on soi 10. I promise I won't label the package Mr Ham-noi.


Any UK BM's want one or more, I'll post them for free, just buy me a SML if we ever meet. Any BM's in Thailand want any of them, drop me a reply here and I'll bring it over next year.

PM me your address, I'll send the books out the following weekend.

Once they're gone I'll put a strikethough on it. There are more, but I'm just having a clearout. Once they're all gone or if no takers then I'll get a mod to bin this topic / thread after 2 weeks.



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