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  1. If the law comes into being I am sure and hope all will be well for you and the Miss.. I would still be very wary about this.... as in a Muslim country …. have lived in a couple.... the worst department of police you want to have a dealing with are the religious police. cheers
  2. It seems Indonesia is set to introduce a new law. This could see expats there flocking to the "free love" areas of Issan....lol It is an aussie article but the law will effect all if introduced. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/a-free-holiday-in-kerobokan-unmarried-sex-could-soon-be-illegal-in-bali/ar-AAHxnwr?ocid=spartanntp
  3. I am on the Gold True Package...… that is all I pay for.....do not pay an extra 299bht for football. Last night I watched the Sheffield United v Southampton game live on True. Oh...Southampton won 1-0. cheers
  4. roobob

    The Ashes

    You keep forgetting... we have won them already... that is why the aussies hold them. cheers
  5. roobob

    The Ashes

    Agree...they cannot win the Ashes.....may as well try and salvage something and try and win the last Test. cheers
  6. roobob

    The Ashes

    You mean..... at present time they have not lost them this series...….or...….The aussies have retained the Ashes this series. Khawaja: Played all his cricket in the Aussie system after his family arrived to live there when he was 5yo. Labuschagne: Played all his cricket in the Aussie system after his family arrived to live there when he was aged 10yo Steve Smith: Born and bred in Australia and played all his junior cricket there. James Pattison: Born and bred in Australia..... born and grew up in Melbourne and played his junior cricket in the aussie system. But the way the Pommy team is going and after getting a spanking in the 1st test at the "fortress".... I am not surprised they are after a few of the current aussies to supplement their team as they do nothing for their own home bred cricketers.....lol.... as it is just easier for them to change their eligibility rules as they go along......lol Oh hang on..... Warner's latest child was born in England.....under the Poms rules... they will claim Warner as well...lol. cheers
  7. roobob

    The Ashes

    Australia had won them already..... this Ashes series was about retaining them or losing them. As can been seen already..... the Aussies have retained them. Maybe if the Poms stop bending the rules to fast track players into their team to make it a United Nations team and actually picked some home grown talent... they might have more success.....lol. I am sure the Fleet Street Press will have a field day soon about the home team......lol cheers
  8. roobob

    The Ashes

    Winners are grinners...… the Poms can please themselves...lol cheers
  9. You make some good points. Maybe the Scooters owners are on here and have read the threads about Secrets here as there is a couple of topics running and have decided why comment at all. Really overall... most of the comments have been negative and a fair few have put the boot in to the former establishments because it is down and out. I think the problem is that some cannot accept that Secrets as most knew it is no more..... it has run its course…. a shame... but that is how it is .... things have changed... but many cannot accept the fact and move on... time they did.. It was a great place.... but Larry summed it up in another post.... life moves on..... and really I think some should move on also. Remember the memories...but life goes on. cheers
  10. I cannot comment on what happened as I was not privy to it mate..... and it is between Larry and Ben so do not really want to know.... none of my business. Larry made his decision and I respect his decision and understands where he is coming from with the comment of life moves on. The point I was making.... for all of Ben's misgivings..... he did some goods things while he was there and the original hiring of Larry and later Phil were a couple of them. cheers
  11. Understand that and agree.... not the first time and will not be the last time someone will leave over a difference between them and the person who employed them.... and as you said...that's life. cheers
  12. @grayray.... why the confused emoji on my post??? I am sure Ben had a big say/involvement in the hiring of Larry....Phil … and the girls at Secrets..... so going by you and a few others on their comments of the two fellows and the girls.... that was one of the things he got right. cheers
  13. For all of Ben's misgivings...it seems he also did some good things while he was there..... so not all was negative about him when he was there. cheers
  14. You beauty...another soccer thread.... just what we need....lol cheers
  15. Sateef use to post the photos of girls on motorbikes and photos from about town. Yes...agree.... supplied good photos and info. cheers
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