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  1. Other IO were certainly asking for it and it was not an exclusive invention related to Jomtien IO. The IO office I used checked your bank book when you did your first 3 month report... and gave a reminder that it could not fall under the 400K. cheers
  2. The Golf Courses are on Defence Establishments.... that means the reality is that the Govt owns them. As said... bases have other things like swimming pools...gymnasiums.... football ovals..etc..etc..... are you saying that France does not have any of those facilities for their personal like other countries on their military bases??. The ownership of golf courses is immaterial to what occurred here..... the young fellow got done over by his CO and a relative.....but only he will know in his mind why he decided to carry on and harm innocent civilians. I read the article .... yes he is saying there is corruption in the Army here ….. not the only country that is occurring..... and needs to be addressed which at least it was owned up to.... now there is a first for here.... the highest ranking army officer publicly saying it occurs and needs to be addressed. Just a shame it took an incident like this to make it happen. As with the comments by expats... well some expats as that publication does get comments from people in other countries...… what is new...… there is many whose only enjoyment it seems is to continually give negative comments towards anything that relates to Thailand. I agree that a place cannot be the be all end all ...…there is good and bad in most places...… but some of those who comment on articles … their lives are absorbed of continually being negative about the place they chose to live at or lived previously......I am sure you can relate to that quite well. On your last sentence.... your retired now..... sit back and relax.... no need to get your knickers in a knot over people who see things different to yourself..... it is a waste of time.... and really the others do not care. cheers
  3. Immaterial to what happened. Some Aussie Defence bases....Navy...Air Force....Army have Golf Courses also and are open also to civilians who want to play there as long as it does not effect what is going on the base. Most are run as a break even concern and if any profit is made then some of that is used for the up keep of the course and the extra profit is given to the different Welfare Organisations of the Defence Force. Most bases also have swimming pools..... basketball courts.... recreational areas..... different messes for their personal depending on their rank..... etc..etc.... much the same as other country's Defence Forces.... even France. Thailand is no different in the facilities they have for their members be it they are single or married and their families.... so trying to tie that to this tragic case is a bit beneath you... especially when you say you are an ex defence member of your country and would have some knowledge of this. cheers
  4. All will be well with the Shopping Centre. The owners and powers to be will bring in the head Monk along with a few hundred more and have a big cleansing ceremony to rid the complex of any ghost and declare it ghost free. All this will be televised live..... and all will be happy … and business will continue as usual. I would not be surprised if after that..... some will travel from other provinces to shop there and get the standard selfie. The place will survive for sure. cheers
  5. A Sergeant Major is in the Non Commission Ranks and that rank is near the top of the NCO ranks. Those ranks do not have Commissioned Officers... that is the Officer's Corp. His rank would have given him access to areas where other low ranking NCOs would not have. A Sergeant Major would also be authorized to have access to most areas and also have the right to draw keys to access those areas and also some vehicles. cheers
  6. Can he not change the pesos before he leaves...…. he maybe able to get a better rate there. cheers
  7. Isn't time to put Secrets to bed....it is finished. Great while it lasted and agree what a few have said..... remember the memories..... places come and go. Time all moved on. cheers
  8. I have just come from Macro. When you buy your fruit...veges...chicken...pork..etc…...plastic bags are still available to put your purchase in before you head to the checkout...free. The sale of plastic bags for use at markets...food vendors .. garbage bin liners..... plastic cups...straws....etc...are still for sale. At the checkout.... Macro never supplied bags for your goods free or even boxes for that matter ...you had to bring your own or you could purchase plastic bags with the Macro logo on them.... these are still available for sale. cheers
  9. The only joke is where major retailers say the reason they are supporting it is to help reduce the amount of plastic trash dumped into the environment. The real reason that they are supporting it is that it will be more cash in their pockets for not having to provide free carry bags for their customers who buy their products. cheers
  10. This fellow has a good point.... from Bangkok Post https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1829754/activist-customers-rights-infringed-by-plastic-bag-ban cheers
  11. I am not the one calling it a "fronting" scam.... you are.... so do you have inside knowledge of the fact?? For me..... if it gets up and running... good on them... it is another venue in town for us punters to go to if we so desire... gives us more choice. If it does not get up and running..... no skin off my nose.... as I will not miss anything that is not already there. cheers
  12. To clear up your misconception, actually you are wrong.... I was bobbob on Secrets which is now defunct..... I am a member of live and here with the name roobob.... they are the only forums I am on.... and have said the same many times and the only reason I used bobbob on Secrets was because roobob was not available. A few times I have been accused of being other BMs, especially the name you brought up and in fact this was mentioned on Secrets and Live and also when I met up with Evil at 5 Star Bar on one occasion when he asked was I on Addicts which I have never been a member. It seems it all comes about because I am an Aussie and sign off my posts with the word....cheers. Now I am sure that will give a few a laugh on here..... me being a moderator...555..... sorry my friend that is as silly as it sounds. Please keep going.... I am interested to know more of all these boards I am apparently on..... and as you are so certain I take it that you are a member of all these boards...555. cheers
  13. 555...so you called it is a scam up with the best ever... and when ask why….. have no answer except a fence sitting one....555 cheers
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