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  1. Great report... thanks for taking the time to post it. cheers
  2. Many people have.... and I would say in his working life TS has also..... so what is your point?? cheers
  3. You may call it football... to many Aussies it is known as Soccer...... in fact our National team is called the Socceroos. cheers
  4. Soccer..... now just like a bad acting reality show. cheers
  5. Coming into winter mate.... even the leaves are falling off trees in downtown Issan. cheers
  6. So sport is still being played in London..... thanks for that. If someone did get badly injured...thank goodness they did not... so where would they take them if not to the nearest A&E? cheers
  7. Was not the England v Ireland Rugby match not played at Twickenham last night??? So is London not effected by the lockdown then?? cheers
  8. Huh... no sport being played there.... so the England v Ireland game I am watching is on a "virtual" channel...555 cheers
  9. Why not have a chat with Esco... he just experienced it. cheers
  10. Good to see that a vaccine is close.... but really.... the handling of this virus has been the biggest overkill the world has seen. Inept handling by the Govts.... alarmist decisions made.... decisions made on "modelling" put up on whiteboards by so called "experts" along the lines of...all health systems/hospitals will be over run.... predicting what the death counts will be which have been far off the figures they alluded to..eg....Australia with the figure 150,000 deaths...etc...etc. It will be interesting to see how things go when the vaccine is released.... or will the decision
  11. Agree mate.. . other counties are doing well.... even if they are an island or not. cheers
  12. lol..... Stats from the Australian Govt.... this from the same Govt that said that Australia would have up to 150,000 deaths.....lol All Govts are just pumping out stats to suit their own agenda..... nothing more....nothing less. cheers
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