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Impressions from Koh Samet


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2 nights trip to Koh Samet: drove by car on highway 36, took over 1,5 hours due to all these construction sites, bridges being built,...

Parked the car in a covered car park at the Sri Ban Phe pier for 100 Bt/night.



Purchased the ticket for the boat (120 Bt return per person) and a songtaew drove us to the pier.




Looks a little bit gay, that tub.



Koh Samet is not far from the mainland, just a bit over 30 minutest ride if I recall correctly.



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Entrance fee for the pier is 20 Bt p.p. 


We took one of the green songtaews to Ao Pai Beach, 30 Bt each for the 2 km ride.



At the entrance to the first and largest beach (Hat Sai Kaew) the boys in camouflage are collecting the national park fee, 200 Bt for foreigners and 40 for Thais.



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It was a spontaneous trip and little planning had been done. It was highseason, the Chinese New Year was just around the corner, so many hotels were fully booked and expensive.  As we didn't want to stay at the overcrowded main beach, we booked the last available bungalow at the Samed Villa Resort in Ao Phai for 3250 Bt per night in the second row with gardenview on booking.com.




She was a bit camery-shy.



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Massage was available just next to our hotel. The ladies have to pay a share to the hotel which has a massage room as well.

Massage was 350 Bt an hour.


The waves are leaving marks....sandbags and rocks, glued with concrete.





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2 minutes ago, tommy dee said:

brilliant report.  and samet villa is the only place i ever stay there.  clean comfy, good wifi and nice staff, plus excellent location


island has really filled up with businesses tho in the past few years.

Lucky, that we didn't meet. Would have spoilt our holidays.





(just kidding)

There was no internet in that hotel during our stay, out of order since a week, the receptionist told us. 


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