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Manila lockdown reinstated


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also another interesting article concerning Thailand and the RP on the same page (scroll down)


We live in Cavite, as does the Mother in Law, part of the family are in Bacoor which is a division of Cavite, so they're all now under the new 2 week quarantine. We've been skyping them this morning, it's not as draconian as Martial law, but a majority of businesses have closed, including a few local markets. Oddly, some Jeepneys still operate (for the time being) within local subdivisions but overall, it's very much a case of Deja Vu for many people. Whether or not this will work is another thing entirely.

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A lot more than that Mr Omlette 🙂 . Our local trust has had 250 come through, with another 350 for next year, that does however cover East Anglia , not just one hospital. The problem with the RP is that nursing is seen as a ticket out and overseas, so swathes of newly qualified or 1 year experienced Nurses leave every year, meaning that the private hospitals there need to make staying in the RP a viable option, which in turn increases costs.

Word on the street in Manila (well, word from our subdivision where the mother in law is living in our house lol) is that given the very high number of C-19 cases there at the moment, people are again, genuinely fearful. I think (might be wrong though) the rules are no one under 20 and no one over 60 are allowed out and about, unless it's for work etc. Local barangay are checking ID'd etc, but as local barangay are very often family friends of people living in the very community they serve, they seem to be just going through the motions rather than getting authoritative.

I am of course only speaking about the localised Manila area, it's not indicative of the whole of the RP.

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