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Bicycle Transport on THAI Airways Europe-BKK – Your Experience?


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Hello, i ponder bringing a small foldable bicycle on THAI Airways from Europe to Thailand. (I rode bicycles in TH many times, so far locally rented wrecks or bought in TH. I transported bicycles on other flights before. THAI has the by far most convenient connection for me and well-priced too. I might consider another airline only if the total price or the handling is much better.

My questions:

  1. Supposed I managed to stay within 30 kgs, would I be allowed to bring TWO pieces of checked luggage (reg. travel bag + bicycle carton)?
  2. Do I register my "Special Unit" (bicycle carton) when booking online? I don't see it on the Thai Airways site. Or will it only be added AFTER completing the normal booking (like special meals + seat reservation are added afterwards)?
  3. What are your real-life experiences with transporting a bicycle on THAI? (Handling, brokenness.)
  4. Did you note that they closely watch the scale and won't grace you a few kgs of extra weight un-charged? (Of course nothing to rely on.)
  5. Would you rather recommend another airline price-wise or handling-wise? In theory, I could fly Turkish, Emirates, many others from Europe to Bkk. But any other airline would be longer, more inconvenient and not much cheaper for the regular flight (but maybe for the bicycle allowance).

General luggage allowance on Thai Flexi (only tariff option for me): 30 kg

I would have:

  • regular travel bag about 20 kg
  • bicycle in carton about 16-20 kg
  • regular cabin luggage 7 kg

So, my checked luggage would be around 36-40 kgs total incl. bicycle. I cannot bring that down to 30 kgs (I know me, it's too hard for me, and I need my books, jeans, thermos and bicycle parts). That means, I would pay

  • regular ticket price plus
  • 150 USD Special Unit Price Flat Rate for bicycles (because I'm over 30 kgs total).

For bicycles, THAI say online:

  • total luggage allowance in Flexi tariff for me 30 kg
  • yes, 1 bike per pax included in allowance (obviously within the regular 30 kg, but as a 2nd checked luggage?)
  • if total luggage weight exceeds the allowance apply Special Unit price (Flat Rates)
  • Special Unit price (Flat Rates). Charge : USD 150/Unit (A bicycle may be included as part of your free baggage allowance. For a bicycle above your free baggage allowance: If it exceeds the allowance apply. Special Unit price (Flat Rates).

Thanks for your experiences!

Small Print:

Link to Thai "Special Baggage Rules" (not "Excess Baggage"):


Link to Thai Special Baggage Pricing per Unit:


In THAI parlance, I understand my trip will be between TC2 (Europe, Africa, Middle East) and TC3 (Asia, Australia, New Zealand). There is no Premium Economy Class offered on my flight. I believe I am not a ROP Silver Member.

I write here "THAI" in all-caps to distinguish it from Thai people, Thai language etc.

For now I would only buy a 1-way-flight into Thailand (prices below). I did that many times. Looking at THAI's website, a flight both ways would be about double priced, so there is no incentive to buy a return ticket right now. I might buy another cheap outbound flight like Bkk-Cambodia on Air Asia only to show to immigration + consular visa officers. If later the price for the return trip rises, I'll survive and stilly enjoy my flexibility to fly out

  • when
  • where from
  • where to

I need a foldable MTB with 26", 27.5" or 29" (larger is better). I transport it around in a rental car for 2 months (economy size). I've had non-foldable MTBs that only just fit into the car with the front wheel removed (and only because it was a station wagon (Yaris, see pic), and you don't know which car you'll get from the rental company) and there was always the risk of damaging/dirtying the inside of the car and its driver. As far as I know, there are no foldable MTBs from 26 inches up to 300 USD in TH. (There are decent non-foldable ones below 300 USD, but as I said, they are a bit too big, or I must rent a bigger car, which I don't like at all).




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