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Australian Mushroom poisoner.


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My wife's cooking is pretty crap but not on par with this.




However, joking aside, I think she is bang to rights. Amanita Phalloides  is not the kind of mushroom / fungi that you'd easily confuse with regular, edible run of the mill common all garden mushrooms. I am a bit of a fun guy, because I've had an avid interest in fungi since school,  but I'm far from being an expert.

Anyway, she either really knows her "onions" (pardon the pun) or it was a genuine mistake.

Chucking the dehydrator into landfill the day after?. previous form for the same on her husband allegedly?.

Button mushrooms from a store and dried mushrooms from an Asian Store?. Hmm... Autopsy will reveal which were dried and which were fresh purchased I imagine. Death cap being non native to Australia but found growing wild in Victoria, AU.

Either way, she's getting charged and personally I think she is guilty. Also, it's a pretty nasty way to go.


*Edited to add links which I forgot.

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