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  1. yes if last one mexican food i would leave mexico to.
  2. not mean bangkok world class. mean tawandang rama 3 original club is world class, brew own beer, food very good, shows good. do not know why horizondave think i talk bad about esan & tawandang there but they very diferent than tawandang bangkok.
  3. here in kk many time amblance drivers flash emergency lights when want go fast emergency or not. so other driver think bullshit. any one can buy those lights. see seller on motorway.
  4. not like that every place thailand & now in esan may be cooler in morning than calif.
  5. yes but as you know some times here no emergency. drivers flash lights just cause they late for lunch.
  6. BarryL


    yes suprise me miami beat colt. may be still play hard.
  7. go abot 6 month ago. they seprate girl diferent but still diferent kind. some just talk other anything and still hiso room for big spend now can pay fee abot 1900 baht get in without member.
  8. BarryL


    minkah good trade
  9. BarryL


    real frend is some one you can tell truth even when it bad. they may be mad but also thankyou for truth. if can not do that than think not true frend. is very close to family when you still support them unconditinal but also tell them when do bad.
  10. thank you boomer I use google more for you. sea-hawks is now in bangkok. am trying to help him with things in bangkok. my wife is from khon kaen. i have no issue with esan.
  11. bangkok is only one brew beer. food in ut & kk is average. how is that? not want debate you. clear you never go tawandang bangkok.
  12. good post. can tell what sell best. planet go broke many time. pegasus still ticking.
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