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Digital photography


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It's brilliant

I can remember taking a real of film out of my Brownie 127 to the Chemist for development and suffering disappointment at great cost when reviewing probably 70% of my photography attempts were complete failures. 

These days, we can review our pictures,whether from a smart phone or digital camera, immediately and make them visible, edit or retake or print at Little or No cost in seconds

Now we can even scan our old photos into a digital format and share them. 

Just thought I would share my belated Euphoria 😁

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On a serious note, the biggest advance for me is the standard of picture quality that can be achieved with the modern mobile phone. Videos too.

I have a decent SLR digital with a couple of lenses, but apart from self takes at night whilst fishing, it is pretty much redundant these days. The mobile suffers a bit in low light conditions by comparison but even that is improving at an alarming rate.

The other thing now is that people can take pictures with settings like lower exposure because it is easier to adjust in programs like lightroom etc.

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Storage is fantastic as well , I currently have 41,500 + pictures, which I can view on any device wherever I am , my favourites I put in an album , for each sightseeing trip or holiday 

I take much more pics than I used to , for about ten years I didn't bother taking a camera on any holidays 

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