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Any observations on how busy "Peak season" is in town?


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Judging from a few vids I've watched, it doesn't seem to be as busy as previous years pre covid. WS again, looked to be no busier than maybe a Saturday night during high season.

LKM Did appear to be quite busy looking at the Irovers cam the other day.

One constant thing I see and that I think @Jambo mentioned before, there are bars with a few girls and simply no customers. If that's peak season, God knows what next years low season will be like.

Talking about our own demographic specifically, Pre covid there was little or no difference in how busy town was between the "seasons" - it was at the stage whereby all year was pretty static and numbers were high and the differences between "seasons" were almost negligible. Now it appears it's the opposite, visitor numbers are down, and it appears that only a very select few bars appear to have any kind of consistency when it comes to customers. Of course the above is my own opinion from recent observations.

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Intl. tourist numbers up to year 2019 from Wiki, I added the numbers from Thepattayanews.

They have a graphic with monthly numbers for this year on their page today.


tourism numbers.jpg

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