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Yamaha 321 for Sale


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This is not my bike. It is being sold by the cousin of my Thai wife. He is a reasonably responsible 30 year old or so Thai guy coming out of a divorce. We have him over to the house for dinner from time to time. My read on the guy is that he is an upstanding young man with a very good job by Thai standards.

If there is interest in the bike send me a PM and I can be an initial conduit. The young man lives/works in Chonburi and that is where the bike is currently located. He does not speak great English, but can communicate. The Mrs told him that I sold my bike fairly quickly by posting a few internet ads and asked me to post her cousin's info.

I have no idea if this is a good or bad deal as stated. I suspect there may be some wiggle room. Nice looking bike though.

Model - Yamaha 321
Year - 2018
Mileage - 40,000 kms
Asking price - 90,000


Jack Motorbike - A.JPG


Jack Motorbike - B.JPG


Jack Motorbike - C.JPG


Jack Motorbike - D.JPG



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