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HCMC Red Light Districts Explained: Secrets of Vietnam Nightlife Fun


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We just spent 6 nights staying on Bui Vien St, our 3rd trip to Vietnam and HCMC. 

In Bui Vien the emphasis is on the street, and drinking rather than inside bars or gogo like in Pattaya. Businesses take over the sidewalk and road with tables/chairs to sell food and drinks. The noise level is huge with each venue competing for customers. Black T shirt Security guys try to herd you into their place, as do some girls. 

'Walking St' is a misnomer that can catch you unawares. It is only blocked to traffic at weekends. Even then you get bikes passing. Mon to Fri it's very dangerous, riders speeding thru, often eye-balling the sights.

Traffic only has a narrow thru way due to the volume of pedestrians and the street encroachment by businesses. 

As you can see from the video, it's a noisy, vibrant place. 


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