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  1. I think their biggest challange will be getting out of bed before midday.
  2. I see Fab103 has a poll on FARCEBOOK asking if you can play. Wonder where they got that idea...Any comment Tommy D??? 😉😆
  3. I'm a dab hand on the triangle.😁
  4. Sitting at DMK with a heavy heart. Need I say more.
  5. What's that I read? Mr Egg will have an erection on Wednesday and he is inviting everyone to have a look.😁
  6. How many of the population know how to tow one. The road toll is bad enough now.
  7. Sitting in the village watching this traffic jam.
  8. If you ever see me running please kill whatever is chasing me.
  9. Any of you ever got an angry wasp inside your open face motorcycle helmet??? It was not a lot of fun trying to stop without crashing. Swollen spots all over my head.
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