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The Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club Classic Car Show.

john luke

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2 minutes ago, Nightcrawler said:

This one ?? 😁😁


Not far off mate!

My Dad had a larger black car with a running board and at work drove an old Bedford van ...but that Bedford camper looks lush!!!

In the 60s my Dad rented a car for summer holidays to Devon and there are a couple on show that we had...Then there was the Triumph Herald and the Moggie Minor .... I would probably spend the day just sitting in each car and sniffing the leather seats...

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That reminds me of a TV program I saw many years ago.

Alan Wicker interviewing one of the heavy lads that worked for the Kray's. Alan says "So you used to collect the protection money, did you?

"Yes" says the heavy fellow.

Alan says "what did you do if they didn't pay?

"I'd hit em"

"What with" says Alan.

"Ford Cortina" says the heavy.

Sorry for the TF.

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On 10/4/2021 at 9:58 PM, galenkia said:

I had one of these in white back in the late 80's. 

Some lovely old car's there mate, thanks for posting them. 



18 hours ago, Blue Streak said:

I had a 2.0 ltr Ghia of that year....

They were great workhorse cars imo, i also had two of them both 2.3 Ghia one Mk 4 and a Mk 5

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