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Thai Spice

How will China's New Silk Road change Thailand and Cambodia?

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Interesting documentary !



In a few phrases, how I read China's intentions.

After having during the last 30 years successfully brought their country to a top world economy status an improved economically the life of a vast number of people, China has switched since a few years to step 2 "Becoming a major wold player"

For this it has / is  extending its influence everywhere it can over the world. And to make sure there will be no change of policy following a change in government (as happens often in the West) the President has declared himself President for live ……. Nobody opposed his "suggestion", they all saw what happened to those who tried that ……… !

Of course the logical first objective is the ASEAN region, where China is now a major player in many countries economy. And at same time becoming politically involved by granting very important loans to those countries government, for major infrastructure projects. Making sure of course a lot of this "loan" is flowing back to China by imposing the use of Chinese contractors, materials and management.     And bad luck if in 20 years the local governments cant pay back the loans... China will "offer" another deal, like taking over completely or partly the infrastructure in question.

They have done / are doing the same in Africa since years. 

And none of all those countries are gonna bother China with the human rights issue ! ! 

They also use the "stick" option to make sure everybody understands they are serious, example the "nationalization" of certain Philippines or Vietnam disputed islands. Easy game, the West is not going to start a war with China over that !

And cherry on the cake is Trumps behaviour, who probably removed the last anti US doubt China could have, and will very likely precipitate achieving their goals faster. 


Just my 5 cents, of course I not Political Sciences educated !


Edit : How come the YouTube video did not embed ? Usually it does when paste and copy the link ?


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And in the same Serie, another very interesting  one, highlighting the advantages China has by having borders with multiple countries, and some specific cultural ties with Thailand and Myanmar.

The last part ln the "Internet or Digital Silk Road" is a bit frightening....


Now some of this may seem boring, but if you decide to settle down in a certain region / country it is critical to learn about its history, geography , culture and politics.



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