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The Dusit headland, Pattaya


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If you have been in Pattaya over the last few years you will recall the work done on the headland by the Dusit Hotel. They moved cages of rocks there, and covered them with sand. I think this was an attempt to stop some of the beach erosion.

I had always hoped that they would build a path around the headland. There once was a ricketty wooden pathway there which fell apart.

The headland from a distance now looks quite smart from Beach Road, and I was curious whether the work done had included the pathway. So, last Friday, I went to take a look, and found that the answer was that it didn't.

Here are a few pictures I took then:








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37 minutes ago, Pumpuynarak said:

and i think i'm correct in saying that headland they originally created is illegal.

Yes. And years ago Dusit had to move their lawn chairs and umbrellas back from the edge of the headland. Probably to a line that would be the high tide mark if the filled area didn't exist.

View from 2013

View from 2014 which is probably around the time they got the order to move their stuff inland. And it looks like they had to fill in part of the pool as well.

But alas, TIT. View from this year.

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