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Your worst ever hotel experiences...


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My first holiday was a Club 18-30 in Ipsos Corfu .... arrived at about 02:00 and as we were getting off the coach some revellers asked , "what hotel you staying in ? " ... "The Costas" I replied .. "Get back on the fcuking coach , it's a shithole !!" They laughed ...

Checked in and we were given a safety box to put our valuables in ... well it was a cardboard shoebox with the room number written on it , which they locked in the office at night ...

there were three of us and one of my mates was told he had to share with a random stranger as there weren't any other spare rooms ..

myself and my other friend went up to our room and I sat on my bed and fell through it ... someone had removed the wooden planks that supported the mattress 555

other than that it was a fun two weeks  🍺🍺🍺🍺🍹🍹🍹🍷🍷🍷🍷🙃

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Carbondale, Illinois (SIU campus), 1979.


I was down enrolling for the first time. Took the drive down spent the night, enrolled in classes drove back after that (about a 6 hour drive each way).

For the nights stay I picked a hotel off the main stretch as you entered into town.

Not one thing was particularly dramatic. But the sh#t lighting, leaky faucet, awful smells, and just overall greasy feeling of the place really put me off. I don't think I slept a wink.


That was when I promised not to ever spend the night in a sh#tty hotel again. Although I have been in some very trashy short time rooms, but I don't consider those in the same way.

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In the 80's in Pattaya & the PI I always stayed in the cheapest I could find,except in Manila where it was part of my airline ticket so I stayed in the Hilton & the Sheraton.I think the cheapest was Pattaya at 150b a night.

Probably the worst was a hotel in Phuket where there would be turds surfacing in the shower every now & then.

Another bad one was also Phuket where someone helped themselves to some of my money in the 'safety' deposit box.

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