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Shagged by a Fat Parrot


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On Sunday Night John Oliver ran a segment about NZ's bird of the century competition and also became the campaign manager for his personal choice. Very funny in it's own right. I leave it to others to look for the entire segment. I did not find it easily broken out to post.

Part of the segment included this viral video of some zoologist getting head f***d by a horny fat parrot. Not sure if this is disgusting or funny, but I am strongly leaning toward funny. 


BTW - if you want to vote for Oliver's bird go to https://www.votethisbird.com/

He is supporting the Puteketeke and makes a strong case for that. 🙂 Last year's winner received about 1250 votes. Oliver has put up electronic billboards in London, Paris, Tokyo, Mumbai, Rio, and other places. 🙂 

hmmm - tried to vote. Looks like the NZ bird authorities have limited access to the voting system. Not surprising given some of their previous election control actions. (payoffs)

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Haven't seen the video it's probably taken down the south island where most of the parrots are 

The Kea is pretty smart it's worked out that the best food comes by car and and payback on the car for not giving up the food is brutal 

It will peal off the rubber around you windscreen amputation of your car Arial  is another favorite and takes it to another level if it can get inside 

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