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The naga statue


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Thought id post this instead of the usual where are you now as a few pics and bit more info.

It's on the site of an old temple that didn't get much visitors so alas not much donations,and donations is a big thing now.

On the statue every scale of the statue that is reachable has coins stuck in them,mostly 2,1 and 5 bht s,did see some 10s,that's a hell of a lot of coins,no doubt they get removed every now and then.

The thais buy these miniature paper mashy statues for 100 and 200 bits,plant them on the tables in front of the statue,make a wish ,every now and then a staff member takes them all back down to the monks and they resell them.

Numerous donation boxes are scattered when you walk through the dragon.1000039735.jpg









On the opening day more than 10,000 people were there fir the ceremony.

We bought 3 lottery tickets for luck they have plenty of sellers at the car park.



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