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Positive experience at Heathrow

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On 1/21/2024 at 6:59 PM, Smiler said:

Predictably had to cut short my recent trip and returned to the UK on Friday afternoon.

UK border was an absolute breeze, I barely broke stride going through passport control. Nipped into the bogs to put on a couple of extra layers of clothing and when I got to the luggage belt my case magically appeared. Straight through customs and I can’t remember a quicker or easier arrival back to Blighty 👍.

 But what really made my day was happened at the National Express ticket counter at Central Bus station.

The machines weren’t available so there was a queue of maybe 6 or 7 people. Up walks a pair of entitled Arab women straight to the front, ignoring everyone else only to be told by a member of staff to join the queue. They protested but the young guy was having none of it and when one of them asked to see the supervisor in charge, he politely showed them his lanyard - it was him 😃

By this time the queue had at least doubled in length, a number of people,  myself included, actually physically applauded as they begrudgingly joined the back. 

Made me proud to be British 👀.


Cheers on this one mate.     ^^^^

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