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Too easy, why not use the Thai alphabet instead of the English one?

I'll start.

The first letter in the Thai alphabet is gor gai ก (chicken). And the Thai name of the most populous province, Bangkok, starts with ก, กรุงเทพมหานคร (krungthepmahanakon)

This also shows the problems with the standard transliteration system, it often mixes up the k and g sounds in the Roman alphabet. And it introduces a v consonant, when the language has no letter for v, only a w that the daft system sometimes transliterates as w and sometimes as v.

The second letter is kor kai ข (egg). Anyone?


Am I the only one enjoying this, lol?

Surprisingly, in spite of it being a very common consonant, only one province name starts with ข, ขอนแก่น or Khon Kaen

How about one with its name starting with the j sound in jor jaan, จ (dish)? This is another good example of the ambiguity produced by transliteration. Although some text books claim that there is no difference between the sound made by จ and the hard ch sound made by chor chang ช (elephant) or chor ching ฉ (cymbals), most seem to agree that there is a difference. Still, only one province name starts with it, which one?

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