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Covid-19 Vaccine

john luke

COVID-19 Vaccine   

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  1. 1. Will bi-annual COVID-19 vaccination become the new normal?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Don’t Know
  2. 2. Will having a Covid-19 vaccination within the previous six months be the new criteria for being regarded as ‘being fully vaccinated’?

    • No
    • Yes
    • Don’t know

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Although after 6 months efficacy has been shown to decline in some vaccines more than others,the vaccines are constantly being developed to mitigate this need, plus, there are trials continuing of oral medication for release in the future, so I don't think vaccination will continue to be required as the Pharmas develop better strategies to deal with it.

For the short term, possibly, but for the long term we may see the development of either a similar 5 year protection to many strains of coronavirus developed, and / or a tablet that specifically targets C-19 and the more common variants.

A vaccination programme creates a huge strain on medical infrastructure, even evident in developed countries so a tablet / capsule approach for the future is the current one which is favoured.


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