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New Thai Immigration Building - Bangkok


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15 minutes ago, Glasseye said:


Never been there. I was impressed with the building and ease of getting there, decent video as well. 

Yeah...it's big. I renewed visas there in the past (2010'ish +). Hard to get to back before the BTS.

BTS helps it a little (per the video). Seems the taxi mafia will always collect their pile of baht....

Imagine the AC plant! Ginormous. Thanks for the memories...

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23 minutes ago, Yessongs said:

Been there many times myself...place is huge. Good to see the BTS getting closer....rumor has it that out in Minburi where the wife's house is....it is getting closer to getting done too. Schweeet!!  

Like yourself Mike I've been a couple of times. 

The size of the place doesn't really become apparent until you are inside the vast hall. Huge. 

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