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Korean or "K" Dramas - All the other Asian love 'em (Question, do Thais?)


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Well, at least the Filipino's do. "Squid game"  - check.  "Inheritors" - check. All the medical bollocks like "Good Doctor" "Dr Stranger" "Dr Romantic" and everyfuckingthingelse on Netflix with the word "doctor" in it - check.

Note* Anyone who wants to win the hear of a Filipina nurse either :

1: Become a Korean Doctor


2: Swot up on K Dramas involving Korean doctors.

I've seen so much of this bollocks I can now identify each and every single Korean "Trope" Character.

1: Shiny shoes and tight black trousers = Villain.

2: Trainers, jeans and a blue  hoodie = Chilled out good guy in his casual attire, but is always in non aggressive professional attire either Doctors "Whites" or professional " Grey suit", compliment by mobile phone with screenshot of his little sister / family / deceased wife.

villains all have bad haircuts (mushroom type, shaved sides and a tattoo)

Rebellious but good turned girls have demure and passive aggressive stance but with strict parents.

Good girls / boys have a mother / father / parents who are honest hardworking lower / middle class with a struggling business.

Give me "The Sweeney" or "The Professionals" any day of the week.

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